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This post is sponsored by Knorr and their flavors of home. All ideas are my own.

When I first arrived in Montana with dreams of being a very famous and very fabulous TV reporter, I knew immediately I was in trouble. It was minus 30 degrees, I had no friends and I didn’t know how to cook anything. I had moved there from Manhattan where you didn’t have to cook because it all got delivered to your door within an half hour.

I was so homesick and so lonely and so hungry. I cheered myself up by going to see The Titanic. Alone.

Luckily, I kept busy reporting on things like the opening of the Lewis & Clark museum (3 part series!) and the opening of the first cineplex (with stadium seating!). And thank goodness an anchor girl named Jen showed up and ended up being my best friend and savior.

I bought bear pepper spray (because you can never be too careful), ate a lot of beef jerky (because I adore sodium) and drove really fast (because hot damn there was no speed limit then!)

I think I even learned how to cook a few things but I can’t remember what they were because I had brain freeze most of the time from the frigid weather.

But even though I learned how to live in Montana and survive, it never felt like home. So when I watched this video from Knorr about a young girl who lives in the Arctic and gets an incredible surprise… it immediately brought me back to how it feels to be so far from the people you love.

And the video will make you cry. I know because it made me cry and I normally only tear up when I hear news that a teenage heartthrob is leaving a popular boy band.

Here’s the video…

You’re teary, aren’t you?! I can’t wait to surprise one of my kids like that some day. (Disclaimer to all my children: I’m not willing to travel to Montana or the Arctic.)

This post is sponsored by Knorr and their flavors of home. All ideas are my own.

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