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Do you ever wake up and decide this is the day that I’m going to teach my toddler twins how to drink fake tea by talking in a faux British accent?

Yes? Me too!

(I recommend watching it until the end).

mama bird notes:

Do you know that my fabulous friend Marinka wrote a children’s book? It’s totally awesome. I know because I read it. It’s a children’s book called “Wanted: Cat.” Thank god she didn’t write a 700 page book on the history of termites because I would have to pretend like I read it but I totally wouldn’t.

“Wanted: Cat” is charming and funny and clever… pretty much everything that Marinka is too. You must buy it. And then you’ll probably have to buy a cat too. What are you waiting for? Go buy it.  Or steal it. Whatever. The point is – get your hands on this book.

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