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My 11 year old’s last baby tooth fell out a few weeks ago. Or at least she claims it’s her last baby tooth. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really investigate.

Over the years, she’s usually received about $2 a tooth, sometimes $5 if perhaps the fairy was running low on ones. (I can imagine the tooth fairy has a lot of anxiety about constantly having small bills available.)

So my daughter wrote one of her last notes to the tooth fairy….

Letter to the tooth fairy

Okay, let’s first notice that my daughter misspells  “tooth” but has a very strong grasp on how to spell “mascara” and “eye liner.”  We generally don’t let her wear makeup but she does love to put it on when she plays with her friends.

But does the tooth fairy dabble in the cosmetics industry?!

We waited all night long with bated breath.

Turns out she does.

The next morning Dylan had $2 and a blue eye liner from the tooth fairy.

To this day, we can’t figure out how such a tiny fairy carried that eyeliner. She must have very strong wings.

6 Responses to tween has an unusual request for the tooth fairy

  • Jennifer says:

    So delicious! Love those precious letters. After asking for a toy and money for several lost teeth my son began to write in shorthand. ” …Please leave my tooth and “the usual”… “

  • Aunt Michele says:

    Loved this post. She can come to my place anytime. The tooth fairy dropped a ton of makeup at my house. Must have been a mistake?

  • Steph says:

    Gotta love the girl’s spelling priorities. Although I didn’t even notice “tooth” was misspelled when I read it:)

  • Mary Clare says:

    Yes, save the note! Over the holidays my parents drug out through my old papers and I found some of my own notes, artwork, cards, etc from my youth. One notable piece was a statement on my note to Santa that, “I deserve lots of presents.” Lol. It was also sweet reading the handmade “I love you mom” bday cards.

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