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Last year my daughter, 8 at the time, went on a bit of a stealing spree. She took some earrings from the local toy store, gum from a convenience store, markers from her classroom and $1000 from our local ATM.

(Okay, the ATM thing isn’t true, mostly because with five kids I just don’t have the time to teach her ATM skimming.)

Of course, I made her return all the stuff and judging from the reaction at the toy store, she was the 5th kid that day to be dragged in by their parents to return stolen crap.  The sales girl was like, “Oh yeah. No problem. Just put the stuff back. See you soon.”

My daughter is now on the straight and narrow but will periodically disclose some infraction from her shady past.  The kid apparently wants a clear conscious. But because she’s too nervous to tell us in person, she leaves a note by our bed.

Here’s the note I got this week…

Dylan's note

If you don’t read messy 3rd grade writing, here is the translation…

“Once I was at a pizza place and I think Tommy Tom (her grandfather) told me only water but I got Sprite.”

Can you believe it?! She pulled a fast one on granddad and got Sprite instead of water. Crafty girl.

In her defense, I thought Sprite was delicious when I was a kid. And I thought water tasted like the devil’s drink.

So she’s totally forgiven.

11 Responses to tween crime spree

  • Alex says:

    A devious mind is a clever mind. I love it when noa is able to pull something over on me. Craftiness will help you get by in this world. I feel like it’s the sign of an evolved brain. We’ll see how I feel when noa is siphoning money from my checking account to find her mine craft habit.

  • Marta says:

    I think that’s so sweet that she leaves confession notes. Mine would have been more like, “Sarah and I snuck up on the roof and walked around until the upstairs neighbors came and yelled at us” (I lived in a condo growing up) or “Teresa and I flooded two floors when we tried to fill the shower like a pool like Lucy and Ethel did on I Love Lucy.”


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