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There is a lot written on the evils of television. Especially for children.

I loved TV as a kid. I’d personally like to thank every Saturday night babysitter that kept their trap shut and let me watch Fantasy Island. Despite the fact that I was supposed to turn in at 10 p.m. after The Love Boat. Can you imagine not getting to watch Fantasy Island? Is that extreme granola parenting or what?!

Even with my kick ass babysitters, I did have a lot of TV limits. And so do my own children. Because experts insist that too much boob tube will rot your brain.

And it’s probably true.

But you already know all that.

What is hardly ever written about is the plight of the parent whose child WON’T watch TV.

This is a very under-reported, agonizing situation.

I had heard these children existed but had never actually experienced such a phenomenon.  I mean, my daughter Dylan makes a hobby out of just trying to crack our iPod code so that she can watch a few dumb Fresh Beat Band clips.

Dylan: “What’s the code?”

Me: “I’m not telling you because you never ask if you can use the iPod. You just grab it whenever you want. You can’t do that.”

Dylan: “I’m going to figure out the code.”

Me: “That’s not the point. The point is for you to be trustworthy enough so that I can give you the code and still know you will ask me before you use the iPod.”

Dylan: “I’m going to figure out the code.”

Me: “Seriously – that’s not the point.”

Dylan: “I’m going to figure out the code.”

Me: “Ok. Good luck.”

Seriously good luck because I’ve changed it so many times that I have no idea what it is.

But despite Dylan’s (along with her sisters) deep commitment to watching anything on an iPod or TV, 2-year-old Chase has not followed suit.

He will not watch television. Not for a few minutes so I can blow dry my hair. Not for just a little bit so I can get dinner ready. Not. At. All.

I have even tried strapping him into his high chair and moving it in front of the TV but he still wails to get down.  How come he doesn’t know how fabulous television is?!

I totally know what you’re thinking.

Introduce him to Fantasy Island. I don’t know. It seems too soon.

20 Responses to tv is awesome. i swear.

  • Susan says:

    TV is awesome. You’re right. I wish I were the type of Mom who constantly fulfilled her children in all ways so that they never needed tv, maybe with making up stories and hand-painting wooden puppets and having a stuffed animal circus, but the truth is that I have dishes to do and I like to go to the bathroom sometimes. Oh, and my daughter loves Fresh Beat Band too. It offends me on some level I can’t even articulate, but there we go.

  • Joanna says:

    My son wouldn’t watch tv, refused, not even Elmo or Thomas… Then at 3 he discovered The Super Hero Squad and he quickly became obsessed. My daughter, on the other hand, at 5 months is already trying to be a tv watcher. It’s a girl thing!

  • Bitsy says:

    Have you tried Big Trucks? Diggers and Dozers? Mighty Machines? What about There Goes a Firetruck from the Real Wheels series? Don’t give up Kelcey. You can do this.

  • I cringe just thinking of your son and my daughter in a room together.

    Abby and Elmo will be chasing their sparkle freckles and excitedly learning to ride a tricycle while our kids would be nibbling on each other, washing down the flesh with toilet bowl cleaner and removing outlet covers.

    “They are there to protect you!”

  • red pen mama says:

    My son is exactly like this (he’s 18 months old). Unless it’s evening snack time, he doesn’t even notice our TV. And then it’s just by virture of the fact that he’s sitting on my lap with a sippy cup right before bed. It’s less TV than snuggle time with mommy. In contrast, his sisters’ screen time have to be strictly limited or they will watch a 5-hour pokemon marathon even if it’s gorgeous outside.

  • LOVE IT!

    You need “baby jail.”

    Yes. You read that correctly. “Baby jail” is the PERFECT solution! We used these huge 60″ baby gates to gate off our “formal living room” into a play room and it’s where we stick our toddler twins when we need a moment of sanity. Now they scream “no, no play!” because they don’t want to be gated up.

    Our HUGE formal wedding photo is also in there, the only piece of “furniture,” so Mommy and Daddy are always watching them.

    Or introduce Chase to Criminal Minds. My toddlers request to “watch Criminal Minds in Mommy Daddy bed.” Who needs cartoons when you can watch serial killers dismembering people?

    It’s okay because we have good health insurance to pay for all the therapy they’ll need.

  • 'Ama Runs says:

    My almost-2-year-old son also refuses to watch TV. He INSISTS that it remain on, but he won’t actually sit and watch it. I think he gets that from his grandfather.

  • Wendi says:

    I used to be TERRIFIED after watching Fantasy Island. But I could never tell my parents why I had trouble sleeping because I wasn’t supposed to be watching it.

  • emily says:

    That was hysterical!! I loved- Are you stuck? and a nod from him. My oldest wasn’t too keen of tv for awhile, but now he loves to watch it. Naturally he didn’t want to watch when he was two- when it would have been the most helpful!!

  • Issa says:

    It’s all about finding the right thing at that age. My girls were cool with TV but with my son I had to find the right thing. For him the gateway drug was the Cars movie. I don’t really recommend that one, because I’d like to roll over it with my car. But ya know, whatever works.

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