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So at this point you may be wondering two things.

First, is Kelcey ever returning to New York City?

And secondly, is the girl ever going to stop rambling about Italian toddlers and Barty-Bart and finally show us some highlights of Southern Italy? And when I say highlights, I’m not talking about my hair – which happens to desperately need some fresh color. Of course, that will have to wait until we are back in the U.S. because despite my adventurous Italian spirit, I would never have the balls to highlight my hair in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language.

I know, I’m such a wimp.

But yes, I am indeed returning to NYC this coming Saturday.

As far as Southern Italy, we’ve taken some awesome day trips… to the magnificent, speedo-filled beaches and also to little towns like Ostuni and Alberobello.

Alberobello is famous in Italy because it’s filled with little dome shaped houses called Trulli.

The guide book says it looks like a Disney flick, and it really is super movie set cute except for all the endless drek. Every few meters, you pass a little dome shaped store selling tons of colorful junk that you definitely don’t need but you absolutely can’t keep your kids away from.

And Italian drek is still drek. So the girls did a lot of whining as we ushered them along, despite my proclamations that THERE IS NO WHINING IN ITALY.

Apparently, there is.

“Wait, I just want to see this for one second,” Dylan cried, talking about the millionth plastic horse attached to the millionth plastic handle.

“It’s the same toy you looked at two minutes ago at that other place,” we would explain. It was futile.

Oh, and you might be wondering one more thing. Well, I’m sure you aren’t but I’ll share anyway… Is Dylan using her portable potty in Italy? Not all that often. She’s predominantly using the plethora of clean, easily accessible bathrooms.

Tell me again do we only have stinky, wretched Starbucks bathrooms in New York?

But Dylan did adamantly refuse to use this one…

You know, the European kind with no seat, no toilet, no nothing but a hole in the ground and two places to put your feet. She opted for her porta potty. I wouldn’t have minded using her porta potty that day, either.

It’s just weird to squat over some hole. And if you have to go number 2, well, my gosh, you need some divine intervention to help you do that.

Dylan and Summer’s absolute fave activity is still running around the piazza at night. Everything feels so safe here, with so many children and families gathering each night to play, socialize and connect.

Of course, we can’t understand a damn word anyone is saying, but it’s still so lovely and sweet.

27 Responses to trulli lovin’ this country

  • Madge says:

    those toilets freak me out. i had to use one in thailand that was literally just a hole in a piece of wood over a bigger hole in the ground. still creeped out.

  • izzy's mama says:

    I remember my first encounter with a “turkish” toilet one drunken evening in Lyons. I was none to pleased even for number 1, worring that I might topple in. Since then I have had far too many encounters with that type of toilet and I never quite understand the appeal. Though I have heard they are “cleaner” which makes sense since you don’t have to put your derriere on a filthy seat (not that I would even consider that either…)

  • Rhea says:

    I’ve used those bathrooms before, the whole in the ground with tread on either side. It’s an experience, for sure.

    I love the domed houses and shops. VERY cool!

    It sounds like you’re having a great time. Teach the kids to whine in Italian. Give them a special word to use and tell them they can only whine that word. hehe

  • Abby Siegel says:

    Remember our trip in 1995 when we couldn’t figure out how to use those European toilets? My fave memory was that bathroom in Greece where we were promised a shower and after like a half an hour we asked the front desk where the shower was, and it was those knobs on the wall that sprayed water all over the entire joint?? Good times, good times.this is why I go to Australia instead-normal toilets and everyone speaks English!!!! Great photo at the end. See ya soon.

  • Jennifer H says:

    Looks like you’re having a great time. And good choice on the hair color. πŸ™‚

    I don’t want to ask many questions about that toilet, however… Oh, never mind.

  • Raz says:

    When I was smaller those toilets never bothered me and now they seriously freak me out. In Florence, we couldn’t find any other types of toilet, and my nan nearly cried.

    It looks amazing there, though.

  • Shani says:

    What the heck was that? πŸ™‚ Are those exclusive to Italy? I’ve never seen one, but most of our travels have been to Germany. Can you imagine the Germans take on that version of the toilet? πŸ˜€

  • Melisa says:

    That village looks very cute. I will have to put it on my “if I ever make it to Italy” list!

    Um..that was a toilet?? I thought I was looking at some new type of sink…I don’t blame her for notusing it either!

    If you don’t post before you return, have a safe trip back!

  • ErinB says:

    so happy to hear you are returning state side soon! we miss you mama bird!!!!
    but even millions of miles away you manage to make us laugh with only the most insane stories and findings…
    beautiful pic of you and the girls :-} xo

  • Valerie says:

    The Italian department of tourism should pay you commission — I’m ready to book my ticket there! That shot of you and the girls is absolutely wonderful.

  • Aunt Marcia says:

    When in strange cities and traveling; I wear a skirt/slip and no underwear. I can pee anywhere I like in the street; out of view of the public. Carry wet wipes with you…No Public Toilets for me.

  • Tully's Mama says:

    Looks like Aunt Marcia is at it again. Cracking me up. At least it is “out of view of public”. Sorry I’m MIA – I have been in bed with Michael Phelps and all that is Olympic. Your postings are fabuloso and I love the photos and fun stories.

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