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Parents can go a really long time without peeing.

That’s because there never seems to be a good time to go.

Like you don’t want to drag your kids into a public restroom because you’ll have to start yelling, “Don’t touch that! Or that! Oh my gosh. Get off the floor!!”

And there is no such thing as a quick trip to the bathroom because suddenly every kid has to pee (or even worse poop) and of course there is the washing of the hands afterwards and the whole ordeal takes 20 minutes. If you’re lucky.


Photo Courtesy of Parentdish

Or you can’t even figure out where the restroom is. Or there is a line. Or you just forget to go. Or whatever.

My point is – I came home the other day with 2 year old Cash and I hadn’t peed in like 4 hours. Was it really that long? I don’t know. But it was long enough.

I left my son in the playroom so I could pee for 30 seconds and maybe check Twitter and Facebook.

Right away, I knew it was way too QUIET.

Then I heard the chime the freezer makes when it has been left open too long. I hurried to the kitchen and was relieved to find that Cash had only unwrapped a stick of butter.

Cash with butter 1

And then I noticed something else…

Cash with butter 2

Oh mercy. How long was I checking Facebook? I guess for as long as it takes a 2 year old to unwrap a whole box of butter. Yes, he unwrapped each individual stick. He must be planning on doing a lot of cooking!

Cash with butter 3

No wait, correction.  According to Cash, they are blocks.

6 Responses to this is why parents don’t pee very often

  • Angi says:

    We hide those “blocks” in the garage freezer. We also hide Popsicles, ice cream, pizza, etc. out there. It’s safer for them. And my waistline.

  • Mary Clare says:

    Ha ha! It is a herculean task to take little ones to the bathroom. When I take my preschooler in the stall with me, she impatiently wants to leave while I’m mid-pee. She loves to fling the stall door open at those inopportune times =)

  • Mary Clare says:

    Oh, and what about the big, scary auto-flushing toilets and the noisy hand-dryers that send toddlers into EXTREME PANIC! Those are the added bonuses for parents with little ones in public bathrooms.

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