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7:30 pm: Girls in bed.Wow. I can’t believe the girls are in bed! Rick and I high five each other.

7:45 pm: Eat candy.

7:50 pm: Watch “Nurse Jackie.” This show is awesome. Carmela + Showtime + drug addicted, philandering nurse = Something decent to actually watch in the summer!

8:20 pm: Damn. “Nurse Jackie” is over. Watch “Gary Unmarried,” a show about a divorced contractor with two kids. Wonder why they don’t just call the show “Gary Divorced.” Wonder when Jay Mohr got so puffy. Wonder why sitcoms are so predictable. Wonder why I’m watching.

8:45 pm: Eat a little more candy but tell myself, it’s ok because I’m totally thinking about working out again.

8:50 pm: Organize recyclables. Decide that’s sort of like working out.

8:58 pm: Wonder if my new neighbors can see me through my windows.

9 pm: Spend 2 hours getting sucked into the blog vortex. LMAO because Marinka is twittering with Kathy Ireland.

11 pm: Definitely going to bed. On my way. Realize I forgot to change the laundry. Who can remember to do laundry when it’s all the way down in the basement? Head to the basement which is very quiet and very dark and very freaky. Imagine murderer breaking into my basement. Sort laundry at reckless speed. Realize I don’t care if I shrink some of my clothes in the dryer. I just want to live.

11:07 pm: Off to bed now. Change alarm code first. You can never be too careful. Make mental note to tell Rick about new code. Immediately forget until he sets off the alarm the following evening.

11:15 pm: Flip through Pottery Barn catalog. Ponder why rugs are so expensive when all you do is step on them.

11:23 pm: Take Dylan to the bathroom.

11:30 pm: Try to put Neosporin on Summer’s scraped knee without waking her. Immediately wake her. Make 4 failed attempts before giving up.

11:45 pm: Brush teeth, take out contacts and wash face. Skip flossing. Feel guilty. Floss.

11:57 pm: Look at my Blackberry one last time to make sure Kathy Ireland hasn’t tweeted me. But really, why would she? She’s Marinka’s model BFF. I need to find my own model.

12:01 am: Decide to watch just a few minutes of “Sex and the City” so I can be comforted by the streets of New York City and the nightlife. Realize how much I miss those sex scenes now that the show is in syndication. Try to once again understand why Carrie is so obsessed with Mr. Big.

12:25 am: “SATC” ends. Why am I still up? I really need to get more sleep. I’m definitely going to sleep earlier tomorrow night. Totally. I swear.

32 Responses to this is why i am so very tired

  • JoeyfromSC says:

    haha! you’re so funny & such a great writer! Your blog makes my day..well, night lol

    I am up wayyyy too late myself!

    I adore Pottery Barn stuff too and that’s a good point about the rugs lol

    the basement part really cracked me up!

    I hope you and your family have a happy 4th of july!

  • Kirsten says:

    That time after the kids go to bed is so priceless. I want it to go on forever. My husband makes fun of me for staying up so late puttering around and complaining about it the next day. And yet, I rarely go to bed early.

  • Shana says:

    >>Try to once again understand why Carrie is so obsessed with Mr. Big.

    If you don’t get it, I can’t explain it. Because Big? = Hot.

  • feener says:

    every SINGLE night this goes on. i say to myself IN bed and sleeping by 9pm, and at midnight i am still doing something stupid and wasteful.

  • Halala Mama says:

    I know! My son is so young he goes to bed really, really early – yet I’m tired all the time because I’m not smart enough to go to bed soon enough! Too many other things to do!

  • TRACI says:

    The basement thing? I totally get. But I do everything at reckless speed at night. Walk up the stairs, go to the bathroom, go to the kitchen.,..and I am always pondering how an intruder can get in.

  • Inna says:

    I was totally shocked the first time I watched SATC unedited.
    I went to bed late cause I needed to start and finish baking brownies, then wait for them to cool somewhat, to satisfy my craving.

  • MN Mama says:

    Thanks for starting my day with a smile. Oh sleep… it is such a good goal. I am working on it. Have a great 4th!

  • Dixie Chick says:

    One or two of the first Gary Unmarried’s were really funny and not so much anymore. I like him and the ex-wife’s chemistry though.
    I liked Aiden so much more on SATC. I didn’t really understand it myself. It’s like “He’s just not that into you” – the worse he treats you the more you pursue it?

  • PAPA says:

    Love this post!

    “Wonder why rugs are so expensive cuz all you do is step on them” – Classic.

    We used to have a basement growing up and they had a sub pump. I forgot what it does, but my mom hated it. She always asked “Can’t we get rid of it somehow. My Dad “Sell it in the garage sell?” Then my mom would say a word that rhynmes with Bass but without the B

    Oh, yeah, eventually you’ll be writing about garage sells. 🙂

    Happy 4th to your family!!!

  • Sounds a lot like my days/nights…

    Eat another cookie, convince myself I’ll start working out tomorrow and I’ll cut out the sweets…

    Check Twitter again…

    Check email again…

    What time is it?!?!?

    Have a great holiday weekened!

  • Kristin Kutscher says:

    I am glad I am not the only one who putzes around at night. Juiia is hopefully sleeping at 9, and I putter around until 12 or 1. Funny thing is, if I go to bed at 10 I am up at 4. Boy, I am getting old.

  • I find that I stay up later and later and it’s simply because it’s the only time that I get to be alone. For years I wanted my babies to sleep so I could sleep. And now I stay up until ridiculous hours watching netflix dvds and reading blogs. I think I’m going to bed now…

  • Ella says:

    Oh basement! How very east coast of you…here in CA we do laundry in the garage, or in my suburban house, upstairs in the laundry room which seemed like SUCH a great idea when we moved in, but not so much so the first time the washer flooded.
    Carrie’s too busy with her IRL twins to do too much clubbin’ these days, but SATC is still way more interesting.

  • Julie B. says:

    It doesn’t get better when the laundry is NOT in the basement. We just did a big house renovation with one of the main bonuses being we moved the laundry to the 2nd floor. I still can’t remember to switch the laundry. I think that I may have the record for washing the same load of clothes the most times and/or for the most days in a row.

  • Julie B. says:

    OMG – off topic, but I just read your “about us” link and I will be faithully reading from now on since you are the only other adult I’ve ever encountered that admits to loving teen dramas. I’m totally addicted!

  • Lanie says:

    I will have to check out Nurse Jackie. I am also up way too late and every morning I promise myself I will go to sleep earlier. And, every night I seem to break that promise. Oh well – there is always tonight. Great post! Hope that you had a Happy 4th of July. XOXO

  • Ann says:

    the flossing part…true perfectionism.

    You are such a hoot and I can’t wait to meet you at blogher.

    You can tell how tired I am. I just called you a hoot.

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