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So the other night I had a dream that Sarah Palin was my OB/GYN.

Now I’m sure the former governor has many skills but I can’t imagine that obstetrics and gynecology is among them. Although now that she has been hired at Fox News Channel (my husband’s network), maybe he’ll inquire.

But this post is not about Sarah Palin. It’s about dreams. And OB/GYNs.

Yes, I’m pregnant.

17 weeks.

We found out the sex. Let us not forget the whole “I changed my baby’s name at 8 months” fiasco which I think partially happened because I convinced myself I was having a boy and didn’t give much thought to the girl’s name.

So this time we found out.

And I’m having another girl.

And a boy.

Yes, twins. Rick gets his pecker after all. Well, you know what I mean.

We told the girls the news and Summer said, “Dylan can have the boy and I’ll keep the girl” which is nice of her to divvy up the babies and save Rick and me the effort.

They have even settled on names for their siblings… Charlie and Lola. Cute names but Rick and I haven’t yet signed on.

Honestly, after two years of trying to have a third, it just doesn’t seem real. Rick would like it to seem real so I can freak out with him about our living situation and the size of our car and everything else. But I’m not freaked. Not at all.

Just in disbelief. That this could really be happening this time.

No, not freaked.

Just happy.

And so very grateful.

mama bird notes:

I’m dispensing advice today at The Mouthy Housewives. Is it normal for a happily married couple to sleep in separate beds? Click here to find out my advice.

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