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My 4 year old son loves dogs. Like he makes a lot of dog friends. For instance, here he is with his Jersey shore dog buddy Lincoln.

Cash also spent a ton of time with my mom’s dogs this summer… feeding them, walking them, picking up their dog poop in the backyard. It was like my mom had hired a not terribly competent but very energetic dog assistant.

So one afternoon, Cash grabbed one of the poop bags and headed outside. My mom asked what the bag was for (since they had already cleaned the yard). Cash was a bit vague but within a few moments, my mom had single handily solved the caper.

Cash admitted to pooping outside.

Just like his dog friends!

Let’s give him some credit on this. He knew it had to be cleaned up. And he was on it – if only his pesky mom and grandmother hadn’t gotten involved.

He didn’t seem too focused on the immediate need for toilet paper but at least he was trying to keep the yard tidy.

I’ve told this story to a couple people. I would have told more but it’s harder than you think to work “my kid pooped in the backyard” into conversations.

One friend thought that I made the whole thing up. I clarified that if I ever say… “I just got hired at Vogue to be their new middle aged cover model” – that’s probably a lie. But under no scenario would I ever fib about my son pooping  in the great outdoors.

My friend Adam seemed impressed. He texted me…

Respect indeed.

I’ve since spoken to my son about the invention of indoor plumbing. He’s definitely considering it.

6 Responses to this is exactly why i don’t need to get a dog

  • Daphne Biener says:

    Sounds like he’s ready for a big old camping trip! On an extended family trip I did request that everyone use the indoor potty – my 4 nephews were not that happy, but complied.

  • Steph says:

    I did not suspect that’s why Cash took the bag. Omigoodness, eeewww. But I can’t stop giggling. Thanks for the much needed midafternoon amusement.

  • hokgardner says:

    My oldest daughter, when she was three, decided she needed to poop in the front yard just as the fire truck rolled up for our National Meet Your Neighbor Night Out (or whatever it’s called) party.

    I nearly died, especially since all the firemen were really, really cute

  • yasmara says:

    When my youngest was about 2, I was letting him & his brother splash around in some water naked in the back yard (privacy fence). I turned around to find him pooping on the patio…

  • Mary says:

    Ha! Love the kid logic there. I can imagine his thought process, “Well, if the dog poops outside and we pick it up with a bag, then….” I remember teaching my preschool age daughter to pee outside while on a hike. No bathrooms available. Then when we were in any outdoor place after that, like a park with perfectly good bathrooms, I’d catch her dropping her pants next to a tree.

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