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My mother is a huge dog lover and also adores having lots of photos around, so it’s not surprising that she has a frame like this…

On the right side is my nephew Callum. Not sure how he feels about being in a dog frame but we’ll let that go for now. On the left side is the dog photo that came with the frame.

Let me repeat that. On the left side is a stock photo that came with the frame. I guess that canine is some kind of dog model or something.

And my mom has had the frame for a couple years.

And here’s another interesting note. My mother HAS TWO DOGS. I’ll prove it.

Here’s Lilly…

And Snoopy…

Is anyone thinking what I’m thinking? (I mean, other than the obvious that I could totally be a professional dog photographer.) That maybe my mom’s dogs Lilly and Snoopy might just be perfect for a dog frame with room for two photos!

So one of my kids finally asked my mom why she didn’t put her dogs in this “Woof” frame.

And these were the reasons:

  1. My mom thinks the picture of the dog that came with the frame is cute.
  2. My mom doesn’t take pictures of her dogs.
  3. My mom doesn’t know how to print pictures of her dogs that would fit the frame.

Okay, some valid reasons there.

The truth is – every time I look at the photo with the unknown model dog and my nephew Callum, I have to totally smile because it’s my mother’s personality in a nutshell. She sees no need to conform to the world in the way other people might think she should.

My mom has always been this way. She is quirky. And different. And doesn’t really care about dumb stuff.  She’s too busy caring about people and things that matter. She doesn’t have time to fuss over some frame that already has a cute dog in it. IT CAME WITH A CUTE DOG. WHY MESS WITH IT?

I’m pretty confident that once my mom reads this post (which she will), she will ask me to print out those two photos of her dogs Lilly and Snoopy and put them in the Woof frame. But I’m not doing it.

She’d be depriving the rest of us of the reminder that being true to yourself is what life is about.

And when life presents any of us with our own version of “a cute dog in a picture frame,”  just say thank you and don’t mess with it.

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