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I first flew on a plane by myself with five kids from Ft. Lauderdale to New York. And then installed three carseats when I got there. All by 11:08 AM. Next time, I’m going to try to beat my time and do all that by 11:05 AM.

Once we were at my mother’s house, my 1-year-old discovered that dog toys are like baby toys. Only better for some reason.

My 1-year-old also acquired a taste for rawhide.

My mother told me she wants to discuss what happens to her ashes.

I told her we can put them wherever she wants but just not at my house because ashes sound messy and I’m still cleaning up coffee grinds she left behind awhile back.

7-year-old Summer spent the week on the counter because she’s terrified of my mother’s dogs.  She ate, played and practically slept there…

summer on counter 1


summer on counter 2

They are terrifying dogs…

mom's dogs

Well, they don’t look scary but their names are frightening.

Their names are Lilly and Snoopy.

See what I mean?

I found out that my tendency for leaving the fridge and freezer door open is obviously genetic.

freezer door

My mother could not recall her wifi network or her password. Apparently her computer guy knows but he was vacationing in Puerto Rico where I’m pretty sure he had wifi.

When my mother says, “You can leave the backdoor open for a bit. No bugs ever come in,” what she really means is… “I don’t notice when bugs come in.”

I had my birthday dinner at the exact same restaurant as I celebrated my 13th birthday (and many birthdays in between).

I learned that sometimes it’s just so good to be home.

mom with twins


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