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You will spend way too much money despite saying, “No, we are not getting the action packed, triple extra flavor blasted assorted cheese puffs with infused cheddar crystals” many times.

You will say no to things that will somehow end up in your cart anyway but you won’t notice until you get home.

Your kids will start giving each other piggy back rides and run up and down the aisles singing Frozen songs.  You will have no ability to stop them.

You will at some point yell to one of your children, “Get off the floor!!”

They will pick out 14 avocados instead of 2.

They will pick out 6 bruised peaches.

Because you can’t focus at all, you will forget the one thing you actually needed.

You will feed your one-year-old deli ham samples and Pirate’s Booty and call it dinner.  You will feel no shame or guilt because that seems pretty well balanced.

Someone will have to poop.

Later on, someone else will have to pee.

More than one person will ask, “Are they all yours?” You will say no. You are just the nanny. They will remark how you resemble a couple of the children. You will say, “That’s why they hired me!”

At some point, you will realize there are 7 boxes of cereal in your cart.  You don’t have 7 kids. How are there 7 boxes?!

At check-out, your son will drop a package of baked beans that will spill all over the floor. You will not have the will or the ability to get another one because it’s 8 aisles away.  You will consider buying what’s left in the baked beans container. But the check-out woman will take pity and send someone to get you a new one. You will repay her kindness by cleaning up the beans.

You will seriously applaud yourself for remembering the reusable bags.

And a high five for not losing any of the children in the store. At least not for an extended amount of time. After all, you want to give them space to explore their culinary and frozen food passions.

A woman will compliment you on your spirited, gorgeous children and share that hers are coming home from college soon.

You will cherish every wild moment because you know someday all of yours will be away too.

kids in grocery store

13 Responses to things that are likely to happen if you go to the grocery store with too many childen

  • Laura says:

    Piggybacking like that they really only look like 3 kids; much more manageable! I just had my 4th in April, I sympathize 100%. Sometimes I ask myself if they’re really all mine!

  • LanieK says:

    Sidenote: how are you liking Publix? It’s one of the main reasons I’m scared to move away from Florida…no other store compares.

  • Cathy says:

    I laughed out loud at the “Are they all yours?” line because I am one of seven and heard my mom have to respond to that every single time she took all of us to the grocery store. I love your nanny response to it!

  • Susan says:

    I had to laugh at this, it was like deja vu for me! I had three children in four years, and let’s just say a trip to the grocery store was a workout for me! When they misbehaved I always said “that’s it, next time you’re staying at home with your father or a babysitter”. Now that they’re in college when they come home they have so much fun reminiscing about when they were young, and telling me they knew my threat to leave them home was never going to happen! Oh and the extra groceries? That won’t change. When my kids are home and they decide to go to the store with me, I get home with stuff I had no idea I bought!

  • Judy says:

    Ah, the memories. My son #3 of 3 use to practice his slide into second/third base down the grocery store isles. At first, I was embarrassed and tried admonishment but finally I just gave up because he ignored me anyhow and all things baseball trumped mom. I guess his slide was pretty good as he never hit anyone or anything. He is a Jr. High teacher, now, so, well, maybe a little pay back.

  • jill sherman says:

    LOVE this pic! I can’t remember my reusable bags and I keep them on my front passenger seat and I don’t bring my kids to the grocery store anymore. Hooray for Kelcey!

  • Leigh Ann says:

    I feel like a jerk sometimes because I almost always go grocery shopping alone in the evening or with only 1 kid on a weekend morning. But I know a lot of moms don’t have that choice. And I wonder why my kids have no idea how to act in public on the off chance I DO have to take them to the store….

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