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CashUntil I had the honor of giving birth to Cash London, I had a lot of shy kids. Not too surprising since I was quite shy growing up and it’s apparently hereditary. My kids sort of stuck by my side.

In fact, I remember one friend (who I think was chasing her son around the parking lot at the time) said to me, “How do you get your kids to stay by your side?” I explained that I ordered them that way.

But I must have filled out the order form wrong this time because 2 year old Cash is totally the opposite. A complete extrovert. This is a big relief for Rick who is very outgoing and was starting to worry that I was having all these children with shy Cal from the gas station.

The nice thing about having an outgoing child is that he will smiley sweetly at everyone. Unlike my daughter Dylan who was very shy in her younger years and would stare people down until they gave up with all that damn bubbly friendliness.

The not so great thing about a very outgoing kid is that they are in everyone’s business. And I mean, everyone’s business.

Here are the things 2 year old Cash is probably doing right now to drive someone crazy:

1. If someone is feeding their kid yummy cheesy crunchy things, he will stand very very close to them until this person offers him some. Despite the fact that he has his own yummy, cheesy, crunchy things about a foot away in his diaper bag. Once this person has relented and given him some food, he will of course expect more.

2. He will take sunglasses off stranger’s heads.

3. At the pool, he will attempt to put other children’s shoes on his feet. Yes, he will put his stinky, dirty, adorable toddler foot into stranger’s shoes. And if the parent tries to hide their child’s shoes, Cash will go to great lengths to find those shoes again. He’ll clear his whole afternoon schedule if he has too.

4. He will take a person’s phone out of their hands mid-text.

5. In a waiting room, he will climb up next to someone and demand to look at pictures of puppies on their phone. If this person doesn’t have a dog, he will expect him or her to find pictures of cute puppies on the internet. When Cash sees one to his liking, he will bring the phone over to me so I can see the puppies too. He will expect to keep the phone forever.

6. At a Mommy & Me class, he will walk over to another mother, sit in her lap and hand her a book to read. Not his own mother. Not a mother he knows. A mother he has never seen before. She will read the book because she has no idea what else to do. That’s what he is banking on.

7. He will walk up to someone, stand precisely one inch from them and stare at them until they give him something (a toy, food, their phone, their purse, their lifesavings – whatever, he’s flexible). They always oblige. He is patient, kind and relentless until he gets what he wants.

So if you happen to run into Cash, just be prepared. I will try to keep him under control but it’s best to lock down your stuff and hope for the best. And luckily, he is as cute as can be.

cash and Harlowe

8 Responses to things my toddler is doing to torment people

  • Honest mum says:

    What an amazing, gorgeous boy as with all your children, my eldest is not really shy but in comparison to my youngest who is similar to Cash, he seems to be, Xander never fails to entertain those around him, I love his bubbliness and hope he’s always that confidentx

  • beachmom says:

    This …”starting to worry that I was having all these children with shy Cal from the gas station” made me spit my coffee out 🙂
    How funny that your husband had to wait for # 5 for his mini me to arrive….so cute…if I ever see you out and about which is likely not to happen but you can live in hope Cash can swap shoes with me, take my phone in the search of adorable puppy pics and share my cheese puffs!

  • Mary Clare says:

    I’ll give him crunchy, cheesy snacks any day. What a cutie. My 4 YO is like your older kids, quite shy, and downright ornery, around new people. It’s embarrassing when she growls like a tiger at the grandma admiring her princess dress at the grocery story.

  • Judy P says:

    I think I’m going to try that stand one inch off people and stare until they give me things technique. Probably the first thing I’ll get is a restraining order (you know, since I’m nowhere near as cute).

  • Leigh Ann says:

    My children – mainly the older 2 – have next to no boundaries. Part of this I attribute to them being twins. It’s frustrating and embarrassing at times, but who doesn’t want a 7-year-old coming right up and stroking their hair?

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