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When I was a teenager, I can distinctly remember coming back from the Y where I had just sweated it out with a bunch of seniors in step aerobics class to “Mony Mony” by Billy Idol.

There’s nothing like being seventeen and singing “Cause you make me feel like a pony” along with 80-year-olds.

I would get home and my mother would say something like, “You look so fabulous!”

And I would think, “Seriously, WHAT is wrong with this woman?! I rode a pony with seniors and sweated my balls off. I really do not look even close to fabulous.”

And there were other times when she would say things like, “I am so proud of you. I’m just in awe of the person you are becoming.”

And again – I would think, “I am seriously concerned about this woman. She is delirious. In awe?! Of what exactly? The fact that I can drink seven Diet Coke’s in one sitting? That I just got my picture in the town paper because I won a typing award? My incredible ability to write notes in algebra class while simultaneously solving equations? What exactly do I do that is awe worthy?”

I probably uttered, “Whatever mom. I’ll be in my room.”

But now I sort of get it.

Because I watch my 7-year-old Dylan and her abilities as a very underpaid mini au pair.

The joy she derives from her younger siblings and the kindness she shows them is just so sweet. I’m continually amazed. Just last night – she shared her dessert after I took away Summer’s because of very poor behavior. Yup. She split her ice cream in half so Summer could still have dessert.

There is just something about Dylan. She takes care of her siblings.

Now I don’t think Dylan always looks gorgeous. To be honest, she has two adult teeth coming in that are the size of California and I’m mildly concerned. But she is a beautiful young lady.

On the inside. And the outside.

And I’m in awe of the person she is becoming.

39 Responses to there’s just something about my daughter dylan

  • What a sweet post. I concur, with the parallel being my daughter, almost 8-year-old Willa. Today she told me to sit down while she and her two employees (sisters Addie and Lucy) “cleaned” the house with wet washcloths. She soaked my feet in a large tupperware filled with tepid water while rubbing my shoulders. Oh, and did I mention the tiny petit four she served me on a plastic plate covered with a pot lid? Voila! Treats!

    Awe-worthy, indeed.

  • Lanie says:

    I love that Dylan shared her ice cream. She is such amazing big sister. What a sweet post. I heart Dylan and her mom (and the rest of the Folbaum family). xoxo

  • Suzy says:

    This reminds me of my sisterhood to my younger sister. I once threatened her with my Girl Scout knife in the middle of the night because she wouldn’t stop snoring and once told her to go up the escalator at Lord & Taylor’s because I WOULD BE RIGHT BEHIND HER AND OF COURSE DIDN’T GO UP AT ALL WHILE SHE SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER.

    Suffice it to say I was punished both times. Severely.

    Your younger children are safe.

  • Julie says:

    No, I’m not welling up. I’ve got something in my eye.

    I was an only child and this sibling stuff repeatedly blows me away. My two boys reeeeally know how to bicker, but they will always rush to each other’s aid and defend when there is discipline going on. Definitely a “I’ve got your back/you won’t have to go without dessert” dynamic.

    Dylan sounds like a really amazing little girl. She’s gorgeous, and she’s totally going to grow into those teeth:)

  • red pen mama says:

    OMGosh, my 7-year-old’s teeth look huge, too! I wonder how she’s going to fit them all in her little mouth!

    Aren’t kids just amazing? Whenever my girls play together nicely, or share with each other, or help me or their dad — I am just floored. I try not to say anything, because I don’t want to give them big heads.

    That’s not true. Some days it takes all my strength to not grab them, squeeze them, and kiss their faces all over because I am so proud of being their mom.

    But don’t tell them.

  • Bubbie says:

    What a treat to watch her with the twins yesterday. I have never seen a sweeter more caring big sister. She enjoys watching everything they do. She giggles so hard at every achievement. What a treasure. So proud of her. Not to mention she give an amazing hand massage.

  • Ann says:

    Perfect laugh/awww combo.

    I Jazzercised with the neighborhood Moms to “Poison Ivy.” We grapevined while I felt very uncomfortable with their thongs-over-tights and belted leotards.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    How nice; a mother who truly admires and loves her daughter. Never happened in my growing up with my mother…I thought all mothers nagged/were unimpressed with their child’s individuality, and were never satisfied or happy. If I’m reborn again, I don’t want to come back as a Christian, but as a Folbaum.

  • Oh my goodness, same here. Same here. Today my oldest’s teacher emailed to tell me how he always talks about his siblings “like he really loves them” – I guess not all the kids speak so fondly of their brothers and sisters.

    So so very proud.


  • Becky Wymer says:

    That was so sweet. Having a 2 year old daughter, I hope I have brains enough to write this kinda stuff down for her. I know she will cherish it, and know how much she is loved and adored. :)

  • Hollienoel says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I used to explode at my parents, from ages 9-17ish, “WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME? God, you are such FREAKS!” and storm into my room when they said “You’re just so beautiful. We love you so much.” And now… I can’t keep my eyes, hands, and mouth off my ten month old daughter. I miss her when she’s asleep. I am going to piss her off so much when she’s older… but it just can’t be helped. They’re amazing.

  • Shannon Maida says:

    You just made me realize two things:
    1. That was one of the sweetest posts I have read in a while.
    2. As the oldest of 5 sisters, I did a pretty crappy job. But, I still pride myself on the fact that my siblings are the way they are because of my lovely antics.

  • Aimee says:

    Beautiful Post! Isn’t it funny when things come full circle like that. Soon Summer will be shutting her door in your face and you will be like “UGHHHHH teenagers” :-) I love the fact you “Mony Mony’d” it will the elder folk at an early age!

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