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There is apparently a coffee controversy going on. It’s because the Starbucks’ holiday cup now looks like this…


It’s so offensive, right?! The so-called problem? No ornaments, reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas trees or other holiday symbols.

A group of Christian evangelists is accusing Starbucks of waging a war on Christmas by removing the holiday images.

“I think Christians are at a point that they are fed up with the PC police who are demanding that Christ, and Christmas, be removed from the public eye for concern that it might offend people,” said Joshua Feuerstein, who has posted on Facebook and spoken to the media about the issue.

Wow. Someone really liked reindeers on his coffee cup.

He also contends that Starbucks hates Jesus.

You know what Starbucks really hates? People who make coffee at home.

In response to the controversy, Starbucks has maintained they are a company that is committed to creating “a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity.” They also say the red cup mimics a blank canvas so coffee drinkers can create their own Christmas stories on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

I will totally do that once I can get the permanent marker off my wall where my 2 1/2 year old created his own “story.”

Nobody is waging a war on Christmas. Or at least winning that war.

I was raised Christian and when I started dating my future Jewish husband – I started to realize that Christmas is everywhere. From now until New Year’s, you can’t take three steps without tripping over Santa Claus. Christmas songs will ring in your ears. Joyous greetings of “Merry Christmas” abound.

If you can rest easy about one thing – Christmas is thriving!

I love the magic of Christmas. I really do. But perhaps it’s okay to wish someone a happy holidays because you know, they might not celebrate Christmas. And it’s not an assault on the Christian holiday – it’s just a nice cheery way of saying, “Hey, whatever you celebrate, hope it kicks ass!”

Because it’s a beautiful thing to be inclusive. And to honor the fact that not everyone shares the same beliefs. And to celebrate that no matter what each of us believes, we are in this amazing, crazy world together.

And I think that is the spirit of the holidays. Not some coffee cup.

9 Responses to there is no war on christmas and you’ll still enjoy coffee out of a plain red cup

  • Steph says:

    I love Christmas and celebrate it as Jesus’s birthday, and I think that you addressed this “issue” inclusively and beautifully. Glennon Doyle @momastery likewise thinks that the outrage is silly. And I’m pretty sure Jesus does, too. Much love to all this coming holiday season.

  • alex says:

    Preach! Love this post. My favorite part: You know what Starbucks really hates? People who make coffee at home. Thank you for brightening up my day with this one. Forget the coffee! All I need is the mama bird diaries.

  • Judy P says:

    I’ve been sick the last several days and was unaware of this horrible war being waged in our midst. I learned about it when a friend told me that Starbucks hates Jesus, which in my feverish mind I got backwards. “Jesus hates Starbucks?” I thought. “Why does He prefer decaf?” I asked. Anyway…. one less Christmas card I have to send this year.

    So many more important things to fuss over….

  • Lanie says:

    Totally agree with you and Starbucks. Life can be hard enough. There are actual real wars – we do not need to add to them by creating a coffee war.

    Love that a huge company is dedicated to “a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity.” Did you see the barista in Florida who signs with deaf customers it is further proof of dedication to their culture?


    I hope that kindness wins this holiday season and always!

  • Mary Clare says:

    he he! I love the post and totally agree with the sentiment! Christmas, and especially Christmas commercialism, is alive and well. For goodness sake, this is another “Faux News” story that’s taken a wrong turn back at common sense.

  • Jodi says:

    I live in middle America.
    I identify as Christian.
    Almost everyone I know is as well.
    400+ FB “friends”
    I have not seen 1, not even ONE!!, person that agrees Mr Bonehead Feuerstein. He DOES NOT speak for any Christians I know. Unless of course there are some who after witnessing the backlash, kept their mouths shut. 😛
    He has a mega social media following and he used it…by giving Starbucks MILLIONS of dollars worth of free advertising. ☺️
    “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas and enjoy a Starbucks,” said Jesus.

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