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If you’re looking for the perfect parent, you won’t find it here.

There is actually no just thing, despite all those beautiful crafted photos of family bliss you see on social media. We love our kids. We are trying to remember to sign and return all those papers that come home from school. We try to yell as little as possible. And forgive ourselves when we do.

But despite our best efforts, there is no perfection. I’m very sure of this because over the last few weeks, I had the following things said to me (by family, friends or complete strangers)…

“Your child is eating something off the floor.”

He was. It looked like a cracker. In fact, it looked pretty good.

“You have a chin hair.”

I did. I think it’s gone now. 

“You left your car door open.”

I did. But can you just shut it? Why do you have to get me involved?

“Your son is standing on the kitchen counter.”

He was. He’s off now. He’ll be back. He really likes it up there. 

“Your son just pulled tampons out of your purse.”

He did. That kid is fun! 

“Is that sweat on your back or is that from your hair being wet?”

It was water from my hair being washed. With all these children, I didn’t have time to dry it. Obviously, I’ll make the time in the future. OMG. 

“There is a lollipop stuck to your son’s back.”

There was. 

Cash with lollipop on back

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