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So I was going to write a really glib post about this guy I overheard at Starbucks. He ordered (and this is verbatim because I actually took out a pen and wrote it down) a venti, half caf, skinny, no foam, vanilla latte at 130 degrees. Yes. Seriously.

Even the seasoned Starbucks barista looked up at him like… Are you insane man?

But this is America. And the customer got his perfectly crafted coffee. At 130 degrees. If not, I’m sure he returned it for one the right temperature. Because who out there can honestly drink a coffee at 131 degrees?Β  Don’t even get me started on 129 degrees.

And I actually have a lot more dumb crap to say about Starbucks, all of which I’m sure would add a lot of value to your day. But there is just something bigger on my mind.

I purposely stay away from politics on this blog because I don’t really care if you are a Republican, Democrat or Ralph Nader’s lover as long as you think I’m funny. At least some of the time. And I don’t really want to piss off or alienate any of you, my cherished readers. And I do absolutely cherish everyone who takes a few minutes out of their very hectic, full lives to read this site.

But then I watched Michelle Obama.

And Ted Kennedy.

And Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And Bill Clinton.

And Joe Biden.

And I felt something that hasn’t really stirred in my soul since I was a newbie out of college and I hit the campaign trail in favor of my favorite candidate. My 1992 self (with the big super bleached hair and even bigger dreams) used to get down on my knees and pray that my candidate would win and lift the dark cloud over our country.

And this week, 16 years later, I feel it again… Passion. Hope. The real chance for authentic change.

I think turnover in Washington is an incredible thing. When any political party gets too comfortable, they just seem to lose their focus, their drive, the reason they came to Washington in the first place.

And boy, do we need change again. I want our environment protected. I want everyone to have access to quality schools and health care. I want choice protected. I want our troops respected. I want our veterans taken care of. And I want to bring our troops in Iraq home. Now.

I want to live in an America that is respected, not hated by other countries.

I want to live in an America that is revered for bringing peace to the world, not criticized for being on an endless war path.

I want to live in an America that feels more like me. And everything I believe in.

I’m overheating with political hope. 130 degrees and rising.

56 Responses to there is more to life than starbucks

  • Nap Warden says:

    How awesome was Bill Clinton tonight!?! I love the Joe Biden pick as well. I am so jacked up for change, I can’t even stand it!!! Get out and vote people…
    Oh, and I love, love, loved Mark Warner last night!

  • Mama Bee says:

    As a through-and-through Seattleite, when I read your post title, I thought I might have to disown you, my blog friend! πŸ˜‰

    We have an insurance company here in town that has commercials featuring “Northwest Profiles”. One is “The Super Long Coffee Orderer” and his order is like a medival alchemist: “a triple venti grande americano chai vanilla minty mochachino caramel machiato, half-caf half-decaf, one equal, one sweet ‘n’ low, one raw sugar, skinny organic extra virgin olive oil soy breve with no foam, extra whip, extra hot, and oh yes, leave off the top so I can put on my own sprinkles.” 5 or 6 different adjectives for one coffee order is nothing around here!!

  • I, too, am feeling great hope for the future of our country. I think that change in Washington is critical at this time and I am counting the days until GWB is OUT o’ there.

    I think lots of people are feeling the same way, Kelcey. I’m so glad you shared!

  • misty says:

    This is exactly why I stay away from both Religion and Politics on my blog.
    Sadly, I missed the convention.
    Thanks to the pluthera of blogs with less will power, however, I’ve caught plenty of snippets.
    I’m still in the camp of “jaded and pessimistic” but I will agree with everyone that this country needs some major changes and I may, at some point, allow myself to see them coming…

  • scrappysue says:

    aren’t half calf and skinny BOTH milk? lol. MO’s speech made headlines here, but i haven’t heard any of it. by all accounts, it was rather inspiring. behind every successful man’n’all that…

  • Raz says:

    Obviously, being both British and under the legal voting age, I have very little to say about American politics, but I can’t help but pray that Obama gets to Washington. I think the rest of the world wants change, too.

  • KidSafe Mama says:

    I love that you make me laugh….but your passionate writing really moved me. I too am ready for change, environment, health care, quality schools for all, women’s rights…and laws and education which keep our Kids safe. Keep it coming.
    Hey did you get my book???

  • kristen says:

    we need change so desperately, it makes my stomach hurt thinking that we might not see it.

    my husband is certain that obama will win – i’m thinking your on the knees and praying is going to be me, even though i’m jewish.

  • Portia says:

    How positively brave of you to lay your political soul out there. I too have never been very into politics either but this election year I am gung ho for it! I am a part of Obama’s campaign and for the first time I may even put a lawn sign out on my lawn! I have watched everyday of the convention…I have cried, laughed, felt extremely proud…it’s been great! Thank you for your powerful statement and resulting endorsement of change. We are thirsty and starving for it.

  • Robyn says:

    I feel the EXACT same way. I actually had tears in my eyes when Bill spoke and Beau Biden spoke. I have NEVER felt this way during an election and now I have an inkling of what my mom felt in the 60’s when they were passionate and hopeful.

  • Portia says:

    As for the Starbucks geeks…i just want to know how that guy you heard even came up with the idea to oeder that! I mean does he stick a meat thermometer in his drink occasionally and say ahhhhhh THIS is the perfrct temperature. WEIRD!! I just started going to Starbucks this year and they must love me. I order an unsweetened iced Passion tea and an avocado wrap…smiles for days from those baristas for me. πŸ˜‰

  • Jen says:

    Amen! The DNC has been the highlight of this election year. I’m waiting for November with bated breath! It’s the most exciting election in my lifetime so far (well ’92 was exciting but this is just Historic!)Thanks for the great post!

  • Cathy says:

    I know what you mean about staying away from the subject of politics, especially after the last 8 years. When we moved back to Denver from Chicago 2004, it was an eye-opener what a big conservative streak there is here, and we felt like fish out of water. So it’s awesome to have the DNC here!! I’m hopefully hopeful.

  • Barack Obama says:

    Yes WE Can, but I need all of our help. Please tell everyone you know how important it is to spread the word and get out and vote this year. It’s going to be close because many out there fear change. I need you all to make it happen.

  • Becky says:

    Wow! I get to comment under Obama himself!

    HERE HERE! WONDERFUL POST! I couldn’t agree with you more. Bill Clinton did an AMAZING job last night. He gave me Goosebumps. Kerry was great too.

    Watching last night made my passion rise too. WE CAN DO THIS!

  • Daphne says:

    Nicely done Kelc. We all need to believe that the future will be better for our kids. How about the tear jerker by Biden’s son? The DNC is more emotional than the Olympics…and I’m still trying for a ticket for tonight.

  • Valerie says:

    As always, you do such a great job tying together two seemingly unrelated topics. I have missed your insights on the campaign, so this post was a welcome one. I too am VERY excited about Barack and cannot wait to pull the lever for him in November! And how about Mark Warner from Virginia?? With running for Senate, and the great organization that Obama has here in Virginia, it might go Democratic in a presidential race for the first time since LBJ. Sad that it will have taken so long, but exciting to see that it might actually happen!

  • Shay says:

    no wonder they look at me when I go and order my Gande dark roast…no room for cream lol. Pretty much just a coffee-black. I’m sure they aren’t quite sure what to do with that!

    Oh and I’m not an American so I can’t really weigh in. It seems so strange to me that you only have 2 choices and it’s all so partisan. I would love to see a system (and we don’t have it here in Canada either) where parties could work together for the good of the country rather than against one another. No one party has all the “right” or “wrong” positions all the time. As if the world is really that simple.

    I did hear a bit of the speeches though and they were stirring.

  • Aimee says:

    HELLZ YEAH GIRLFRIEND! I am so with you! I worked for the mayor of Boston for a bit in my college days and had some first hand experiences with politics (and meeting BILL –yeehaw I love that man)–anyway focus Aimee…when you are working IN the system you have such great ability to make such GREAT amazing change—and I scratch my head wondering why these people with the power to do wonderful things—-don’t!
    p.s. Change is MASSIVELY important…but to me SO is Starbucks

  • ErinB says:

    Ok first of all I don’t even understand what that man said? did he order a drink or launch a rocker. unreal.
    second of all- I applaud you for your post and your never ending hope for a better tomorrow for our little ones. It is because of people like you that change will come.
    and hey if that ridiculous man can order that ridiculous drink than you can cover any topic on your blog you want- free speech baby!

  • Jennifer H says:

    I could high-five you for this post. You said what’s on my mind, too, and brillliantly.

    For the record, and in the interest of full disclosure, my Starbucks order is a skinny hazelnut latte with 3 Splenda. At whatever temperature they think it should be. Six words isn’t so bad, is it? Is it? I’ve heard orders like that one and they make me laugh. And then I mumble mine.

  • Milena says:

    Phenomenal post. You said everything I would have said if only I could say it as good as you.

    What was it that Bill said last night: “People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power.” That really resonated with me. Actually, everything they say resonates with me. I’m for the Democrats and the Obama-Biden ticket with a full heart. May they win for all our sakes.

  • Oh,also since Hip Mom asked for religion tomorrow, can I request posts regarding vaccinations and circumcision too?? You are too funny and proud of you for venturing into potentially unbloggable territory.

  • Tommy-Tom says:

    Joe Biden’s son brought me to tears last night; as did Barack’s youngest daughter the night before when she chatted him up following her mommy’s grand speech; as did your powerful words today. I am so proud of you and your writing.

  • Robin says:

    Well said on both accounts (politics and custom coffee).

    Half (reg) and half (decaf) with half and half. Add three Splendas.

  • How embarrassing, were you stalking me? Just kidding, I like my coffee black.

    That said, sorta reminds me of a comments I heard in Central Park- Father to daughters: “They didn’t have lattes in school when I was 7 and 9” I think he was serious.

  • allison t. says:

    Okay, color me slow, but surely that wasn’t Barak who posted on here? Does he have an army of interns scouring the web for posts like yours?
    And amen to you, MB, for puttin’ it out there. As Barak just said, “Eight is enough!”

  • Rhea says:

    OMG, I would have died laughing if I’d heard that guy order. Seriously scary.

    And yes, I’m in Starbucks daily for my daily crack, I mean, chai tea.

    Obama has inspired a lot of people. I think that’s good. Passion again is also good. That’s almost more important to me than what they stand for. If someone’s out there stirring passion and getting people involved, that says a lot and means a lot, because this country IS about the people.

    I don’t know who I’m voting for yet, but those are my thoughts for now.

  • Karen Bland says:

    Agree with you 100% that the future looks bright and full of change. Can you believe we will either have an african american or a woman on the winning ticket? Amazing. And as for Starbucks….yeah, we’re all a bit high maintenance – some more than others:)

  • Zaydie says:

    Amen sista After watching the DNC how could anyone not be moved by what they saw. Real people with good values are what we saw. Thanks for taking the big step and writing this piece. Well done as always.

  • Jacquie says:

    I know someone else asked this before me, but really, was that Barack Obama, one of his campaign workers, or a joke? Hmmm! I am very curious. I’m on the Obama side of things & I’ve had a lawn sign since the TX primary. I even endured being peed on by my potty training son to stay at the caucus. He missed the potty & peed down my leg. It pooled in my shoe……I poured it out and endured the rest of the primary w/wet jeans & shoe. Disgusting, but worth it! Your vote really counts in this state!!

  • Can I get an Amen! Try watching the DNC while intermittently reading the end of Three Cups of Tea. Talk about inspiration to change!

    If obama loses, i may have to pack up and move overseas out of disgust. Sadly, i really do feel that strongly. I am so disheartened that they are still neck-and-neck, even after that kind of convention.

  • Vicky says:

    Kelcey, I loved this post! I\\\’m a big politics person and I try so hard to not say anything on my blog but the past few days I\\\’ve been brewing with thoughts and ideas and holding them back. What you said here is perfect.

    I think we need a calming influence who knows how to use a computer, drives a car that runs on gallons of gas, not boxes of it and doesn\\\’t think women could be more american if they baked apple pies- uh yeah, all quotes… from you know who.

  • Karen says:

    Just discovered your blog and have to say that I absolutely feel the same way as you! It really was an amazing, energizing experience to be apart of if only through the telly! Great post.

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