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These crisp, beautiful fall days make me very nervous. I absolutely love this time of year but I know what’s coming next. That crazy, chilly, claustrophobic thing called winter. I know some of you love it. Fluffy snowmen, hot chocolate, big warm sweaters. My mountain mama friend Daphne sure makes the season look fun. She sends me pictures of her daughters in Colorado, tramping around in the fresh packed snow, having a delightful time.

Fashion magazines are also thrilled with the new season. They are bursting with extra thick issues of fall and winter styles. Apparently, all those pouffy, billoughy frocks are out. Structured, sharper silhouettes are in. Hope you didn’t invest in too many baby doll dresses. Even if you did, you can soon hide it all under a big winter coat.

But it’s just tough for me to embrace. The sun barely goes down on labor day and my daughers’ noses start to run. Now with preschool, we have to figure out if our kids are too contagious to even bring to school. We inspect the color of the snot for clues. I finally don’t have to pick up dog poop anymore, yet I am now analyzing my child’s tissues. Does the color even matter? Yuck.

During winter, we get trapped in messy, stuffy homes, as icy gray weather blows outside. It can be an isolating time for mothers who need to keep their stir crazy children from getting more stirred and more crazy. When we do venture out, strangers make helpful comments like, “your daughter really should have a hat on.” Of course, she should have a hat on. That’s why I tried to put one on her about 15 times. Yes, I see that her fingers are blue. I have no idea why she’s not cold.

I’m a t-shirt and flip flops kind of girl. My friend Sam is too. The girl will wear flip flops when it’s 25 degrees outside just so she doesn’t have to admit it’s winter. I get it. I like seeing my painted toenails all day.

I’m not a total scrooge for winter. I do like the magical holiday lights strewn on branches, store windows and homes throughout the city. I love the taste of a hot cafe mocha when the air is extra chilled and the smell of red currant candles. Tired children go to sleep more quickly when it’s dark outside. I can connect inside with cool mama friends in the neighborhood. So I’ll get through it. But we are booking a warm weather trip in January just to give us a little boost. And today, after nap time, we are all going out to enjoy the warm sunshine.

mama bird notes

Beauty update for all of us mamas who could use a little more plucking, primping and highlighting. Finally, we all have our own personal beauty consultant. You can now post your comments and questions for Alex on the beauty diary. This week Alex has found some divine products that will revitalize your body and mind (that’s a lot to pack into one bottle). Enjoy the glow.

Do you have four minutes? My San Fran gal Sarah sent this to me and I enjoyed it immensely. http://erickerickson.org/blog/?p=4726

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