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On Saturday, I drove up to the Berkshires for Rick’s cousin’s wedding. Rick was already there so I conquered the Massachusetts frontier myself.

The drive was super gorgeous and everything was going swimmingly until my directions said 20 East but apparently I was supposed to go 20 West.  I drove 10 miles in the wrong direction before I encountered another human being. (I don’t know why people are so down on overpopulation – makes it much easier to ask for directions!) My potential savior looked a bit rough around the edges but I had 45 minutes to get to this wedding and no time to be picky about asking the unabomber’s nephew for assistance.

He directed me the right way and I made it on time.

The wedding ceremony took place in the woods.

It was very pretty.

And cold.

Like in the 50s cold. I knew my open-toed shoes and bare legs were going to be trouble as soon as I spotted wedding guests in North Face jackets and boots…

The ceremony was so sweet and included the line, “May today be the day that you love each other the least.”

Which at first seems like a bummer to “love each other the least” but that means from this day on they will love each other more and more. Can you believe I processed all that with numb toes?!

The reception took place nearby in this quaint country lodge that had quirky touches like a photo of naked women in the ladies’ room – clearly taken before bikini waxes were the rage.

And on the bar, a penis glass.

That’s Wendi, Rick’s adorable cousin.

Now if you were at this wedding and you’re wondering, “Hey, why is Wendi on this blog and not me?!” – Ask yourself, did I make an effort to drink a gin and tonic out of a penis glass? No? Let that be a lesson for you. Wendi, thank you for going the extra distance. And for eating 47 caramels with me.

Don’t confuse cousin Wendi with bride Wendy…

Bride Wendy wore a lovely white dress and was never seen drinking from a penis glass.

I decided that this wedding was a perfect time to debut my new Paris Hilton pose for photographs…

See the similarity with the right arm position?

And just to clarify – Rick is not wearing an ascot around his neck. I made him wear my pashmina for a bit for reasons that are not entirely clear to me now.

We all did a lot of dancing. There was no band or DJ, just an iPod but strangely, we all applauded the iPod after every song. I mean, the iPod did perform really well.

We finally headed back to the hotel and drove home early the next morning. We even made a stop for barbeque on the way.

We brought some pulled pork home for my dad (who was very kind to babysit) and I can promise you that Big W’s Roadside BBQ is top notch.

Unfortunately, I can not vouch for Dawn’s Hair Studio.

mama bird notes:

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27 Responses to the wedding. not mine. that would be weird.

  • This is aaaawwwwesome. reminds me of so many things I don’t know where to start. We have spent much time and love in Western NY state and the Berkshires. Love it. Seriously–the best wedding ever I am guessing. thanks for sharing!

  • hokgardner says:

    You look far, far better than that Hilton tramp.

    We went to an outdoor wedding once where all the bridesmaids wore longjohns under their dresses and the guests were wrapped in LSU stadium blankets.

  • wendi says:

    two thoughts – 1) I believe my potential political career may need to be put on hold and 2) while being photographed with a glass penis, apply lip gloss or have a good pose – perhaps your new one – you look hot. had a blast with all of you and can’t believe I missed the Big W!

  • Andrew says:

    Hi! I know you sometimes get some bitchy comments so i wantedto let you know i have just finished reading the entire archive – your blog is funny, generous and compiulsive. It has kept this london boy amused for hours of boring sickness, and for that many thanks. I never comment so i’m now back to lurking- keep writing!

  • Kerri says:

    Sounds like a nice weekend & awesome that you dad could watch the kids at home! Nice you two got a night away, without an early kid wake up call!

  • Mommy Shorts says:

    Really digging the Paris pose. I once got a lesson from a fashion photog on how to pose for pictures. He said: Never let your arms touch your body. Well done.

    Also, I just went to a wedding in Italy where there was a half hour hail storm delaying the outdoor ceremony. For the groom- a man who previously vowed to never marry- it was literally hell freezing over.

    Looks like you had fun even in open toed shoes!

  • You have a lot of Wendys in your life. Not a judgment, just an observation. I have only one Wendi, the lovely and talented Wendi Aarons, and she and I are just beginning our bestfriendship (she doesn’t know yet, so don’t spill the beans). But that pose is very fetching. Just don’t overdo it on the BBQ, or you won’t be able to take a sideways photo. I say this from first-hand knowledge.

  • erinb says:

    remember the penis straws at my bachelorette? ah. good times. you look smashing as always. way better than the hilton whore.

    • Jordana says:

      (second Wendi should have been Wendy). All these wendy are making me windy. okay, that doesn’t really make sense.

  • Great story about the wedding and you can certainly pull off the Paris pose!! The photos reminded me how close upstate NY is to the south….real BBQ!?!?! Come on now. Check out our awsome 2 day sale on Christmas!! I think we need to do you one of our Christmas Family Canvases!! archive.constantcontact.com/fs056/1101107675097/archive/1107952544300.html

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