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The other day I was making a follow up appointment at my dermatologist and it went like this…

“Does Friday, June 19th at 9 am work for you?” the receptionist asks.

“Yes, I can do that,” as I write it down in my appointment book.

But the receptionist doesn’t reciprocate. She writes down nothing. She types nothing into the computer.ย  She just smiles.

So I reconfirm.

“So we are all set for June 19th at 9 am?” I ask, my eyes pleading for her to make note of this somewhere, on a random scrap of paper, on her hand, ANYWHERE.

She just smiles and nods.

“Yes, we’ll see you then.”

I left unsettled.

The experience reminded me of one of those waitresses who writes nothing down. The whole time you’re ordering your egg white omelette with artichokes instead of peppers and hot sauce on the side, you know there is no way she is ever going to remember the order. Never mind that you also want water, with no ice. I mean, that’s just a crazy dream.

And if the omelette, by some miracle of God, comes exactly the way you ordered it, your stress over the situation has completely numbed your appetite anyway.

And there’s no way you’re getting the water.

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