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1. I learned that bartenders/waitresses with big breasts get bigger tips:

My husband and I ate at a fantastic restaurant while in Margate, NJ this past weekend. We sat at the bar and our server was a very nice woman with very large breasts. And her top allowed for a lovely presentation of previously mentioned breasts. At the end of the meal, my husband paid and then I took a quick look at the credit card receipt.

Me: Why did you give her like a 27% tip?

Rick: Did I? I didn’t realize. Well, the service and food were great.

Me: I think 20% would have really sent that message. Let’s go before you give her any more of our cash. Or our car. Or our life savings.

2. I learned that it’s very hard to nurse two babies in a minivan at a rest stop on the Garden State Parkway.

Despite the size of the dream minivan, there just wasn’t ample room to nurse them both comfortably. But somehow we got it done.

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