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If there is one thing I hear a lot it’s “I don’t know how you do it with five kids.”

Well, I have no idea either.

Really I don’t.

I do know that like any parent, I just keep going – dealing with one issue at a time.

Like recently, 7 year old Chase came home early from school with a sore throat.

Meanwhile his twin sister Harlowe had a terrible toothache from where she had a chipped a tooth and had it bonded a few months back.

(Note to all 7 year olds: If your brother says to you, let’s play tug-a-war with a rubber band with our teeth, it’s advisable to skip it unless you’re into getting a fake tooth.)

Yup. That’s really what they did. A tug-a-war with a rubber band using their teeth. (Hey at least they weren’t on screen time!)

So here I was now – trying to figure out who was in more dire pain (Chase or Harlowe) and who most needed to see a professional that afternoon. I didn’t have any help so someone had to take priority.

I mean, how do you choose between these two?

I finally chose to take Chase to the pediatrician but know it was a heart wrenching decision based on a complex parenting technique called “eenie meenie mo.”

And yes, Harlowe finally got to a dentist.

And might even need a root canal!

In retrospect, “eenie meenie mo” may not be the absolute best way to make medical decisions.

I think about when I first became a mom and everything seemed so important…. the right bleach free diapers, the right healthy snacks, the nap schedule and on and on.

And somewhere along the way parents just realize most of it just doesn’t matter all that much.

Which is why when 4 year old Cash came home with the wrong water bottle from gymnastics camp over the holidays, I immediately did nothing.

And then did more nothing.

I figured the universe had just decided Cash was now going to have a Paw Patrol water bottle instead of the one I bought him.

I hope there isn’t some other kid really missing their water bottle.

Or if he/she is, I hope they understands this mom is just doing the best she can.

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