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Guest post by 2 1/2 year-old Chase and Harlowe

Hey everybody! It’s Chase and Harlowe. It’s our first guest post together and  — “CHASE – GET OFF THE KEYS!!!! GET OFF!!!!”



Where were we? Oh right, our first guest post together. Our mother would have written it herself but she says we are pushing her to the edge of a nervous breakdown (whatever that means) and she’s resting right now.

We have been taking turns throwing tantrums and let me tell you, that lady can not handle a little crying. And by “a little,” we mean 6 or 7 hours. That woman is so fragile.

Anywho (isn’t that the dumbest made up word), we thought it would be fun to come up with a short list of typical toddler behavior in case you have a toddler and think there is something seriously wrong with your child. There isn’t. We toddlers just like to seriously mess with you.

And because the two of us are overachieving toddlers, we try to fit in all these behaviors in one day. We really encourage all kids 3 and under to do the same. So here we go….

Things Toddlers Do For Fun:

Refusal to wear certain clothing.

Refusal to wear any clothing.

This behavior is usually 2 minutes before mom says we absolutely, positively must leave the house.

Complete depression and upset over a microscopic drop of water on our clothes.

Complete depression and upset over a nonexistent drop of of water on our clothes.

Dislike of the chicken nuggets that we LOVED yesterday. Why would she try to feed those to us today?! They are so disgusting.

Refusal to get strapped into the car seat. We’d rather drive.

New skills like we can now climb up on the kitchen counter. Hey, the toaster is so easy to turn on!

Need for band aids hourly for non existent boo boos.

Total outrage over the fact that mom just ran out of band aids.

Melt down over not wanting to take a bath followed by refusal to get out of the bath.

Refusal to wear a hat when it’s 17 degrees out.

Mental breakdown and uncontrollable sobbing because mom can’t find our favorite wool hats when it’s 87 degrees out.

Only want to play with toys that some other kid is holding.

Happy to play independently until we catch mom trying to sneak into the bathroom alone.

Will use super human strength to knock down the bathroom door if mom tries to lock it so she can pee alone. What’s her deal anyway?

Our underwear is too tight. And maybe too loose too.

Ability to repeat the same phrase 10,000 times. Mom has no idea what we are saying and she looks, what’s that word? Oh yea, exasperated.

She tells us to stop talking. As if that will work. We keep talking!

She threatens a time out if we don’t stop repeating the same unintelligible phrase.

We keep talking! We know she’s bluffing with that time-out thing. You can’t give a kid a time out for talking.

Damn. We’re in time out.

We’re back! We keep repeating the same phrase.

On the 999,999 time, she finally realizes that we are NOT saying “Mom, you’re a bore” but rather, “Mom, where’s my dinosaur?”

She always finds the dinosaur. Really, she’s the best mom ever. I don’t know why we torture her. One of these days, we are totally going to thank her by letting her pee alone.

16 Responses to the toddler years will break you.

  • Ann says:

    Thank you for writing this. I just tested one of my best friends that I was about to lose it because my little darling 3 year old was once again playing her refusal to go to sleep games. Of course, now she is sleeping and looks like a little angel. And I feel like an ogre.

    • MichelleK75068 says:

      Yup! I found my 2 angels asleep on the floor this morning in a heap of toys, etc.. & for moms of stripper babies – footed pj’s put on backwards works great!

  • Holy crap. Yes. And the refusal to SLEEP so said mother can have ten seconds of peace to herself. Huge temper tantrums over sleep. “I JUST NAPPED!!!!!! I NO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!” And then having to go to the bathroom the SECOND they start to calm down. Because what mother is impervious to the desperate plea of “I need to pee!!!!!” when her child is potty training?

    And we’ve not taken the pacifiers. So my daughter is insistent that she use her ONE pacifier that has horses on it. Can we ever find it? No. I swear she hides it and then plots her screaming fit. Because, clearly, that pacifier tastes better than the other ten million ones we own. That are IDENTICAL.

  • beachgirl says:

    YES!!!! YES!!! so happy we are not the only household going through boxes and boxes of band aid…even my 6 year old in in on the act. I thought buying boring band aids instead of spongbob ones would love all the boo boos but no…they still whine for them constantly and I find band aid papers all over my house…luckily they are cute 🙂

  • Kerri says:

    Love it! There is definitely a different dynamic with twins that doesn’t exist with singletons, even ones close in age. Never had nearly the challenges & I already had four plus did day-care for three others (my kids were all home then too & were within a couple of months or so of the ages of the day-care kids, so I sets of “twins” during the day). I was thinking maybe it was just my twins since they ended up having a similar personality as my mother…not like me, of course. But since then I have fostered two sets of twins, and we have babysat for sets of twins and the verdict is…it is “A TWIN THING!” Mine are 12 & there are still “TWIN THINGS” happening. That probably isn’t much help. But Kelsey…my 7th baby was so much EASIER after having the twins. That will make you feel better about as long as you get to start to pee before someone is banging on the door & sticking their hands under it to get to you!

  • Steph says:

    what a perfect description of toddlerhood! But can someone explain to me why my 9 year old never wants to take a bath but once she’s in usually asks to stay in longer??

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