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I was trying to figure out the best New Year’s post for you all.

I considered making a New Year’s resolution list but do you really need to know about my goal of not watching “Good Luck Charlie”ย  when I’m alone? (I swear I only watch a few minutes.)

I thought about a “how to guide” on twerking or the Harlem shake. But I don’t really know how to twerk or Harlem shake.

Or a tutorial on who’s the cutest One Direction boy as determined by my girls and their friends. And don’t even mention Justin Bieber to them. He is so over.

Or a recap of the year in butt cracks. Like the photo below could be for the month of October. I actually know this nice girl. But take a look at the guy behind her.

butt crack

Or I thought about starting a countdown clock to see how long it takes my husband to eat the case of mandarin oranges slices he bought at Trader Joe’s despite the fact that I have never seen him eat mandarin oranges in our 13 years together.

Another possibility was posting the 50 sexiest things Ryan Gosling did this year but someone already thought of that.

I thought about posting a poll… if you could only have candy, wine or TV in the coming year, which would you choose? But it seems depressing to even consider just a situation.

I thought about a list of all the things I’m grateful for but that seemed sort of Thanksgivingish.

So I thought I’d just tell you the one thing I am the most grateful for in 2013.

The one thing I can’t imagine my life without. The one thing that saved me, completed me and fills our lives with joy.

kelcey and Cash

Yeah, that boy.

Wishing you a very happy New Year. Let us know if you need some mandarin orange slices in the coming year!


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