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I don’t know if you heard but we got a light dusting in these parts.ย  As soon as the blizzard started, Rick and I grabbed the kids and rushed out to buy a jumperoo. Because if you’re going to endanger your family on slick, snow covered streets, make sure it’s for something really vital.

Oh – my girls have been wearing pajamas the entire vacation.

After our Toys R Us adventure, Rick hightailed it to work and spent the next two nights in the city so he’d be able to easily get into the office.ย  That’s two nights in a hotel room (minus four kids and a wife) and he managed to sneak in a viewing of “Black Swan” between shifts. That doesn’t sound so much like work as a glorious vacation.

He claims to have missed us.


Okay, I added the desperately.

While he was gone, Harlowe decided to start rolling over which meant that she began sleeping on her belly. Totally fine except instead of putting her face to the side, she insisted on lying face forward into the mattress. So one night, just before I went to bed at 30 minutes past way too late, I found her in that exact position.

Now I, as her loving mother, can not understand how she can possibly breathe like this. So I ever so slightly adjust her head and then she wakes up.ย  Oh crap. I freeze.

Harlowe lifts her head.

I don’t move.

She stares at me.


I don’t flinch, thinking that maybe Harlowe doesn’t realize she is in her room. Maybe she thinks she is in a wax museum in London and I am the new Kate Middleton wax figure.

She starts to cry. Which means she either has a distaste for soon-to-be British royalty or she recognizes me as her mom.

I give up my impersonation of a wax figure and nurse her to sleep.ย  Ordinarily, she has to get herself back to sleep but I feel guilty about waking her up and that whole “pretending to be Prince William’s fiancee” thing.

As I sit in the dark, watching her nurse and feeling her fuzzy hair, I think to myself, she is so sweet and perfect and wonderful.

Even if she looks a smidge like Conan O’Brien.

22 Responses to the storm

  • scrappysue says:

    yeah, freezing and pretending u didn’t just accidentally wake them up never worked for me either. i had a daughter who slept on her stomach, even BEFORE that was a nono. she also managed to hold her head up and scream on and off for over 90 mins too during the night. clearly this sleeping on your stomach is a gift!

  • Jennifer says:

    That does sound like a vacation for Rick. Where do I sign up for one of those job thingies?

    Tell Harlowe I’m gonna need some hair product tips. I could use that kind of volume.

  • CSY says:

    Mine have been in their PJ’s the whole vacation too! Except mine don’t look as adorable as yours (could be cuz they’re 13, 11 and 9)! LOVE Harlowe’s hair!!!! Craig and I saw your Rick on the news last week…for some reason Craig thought I was a TOTAL freak for squee’ing and LOUDLY whispering…’I talk to his WIFE in the Blogosphere!!!’ When asked if I plan on stalking him when we come to your beautiful city, I said NO!!! May have to rethink that one…JUST KIDDING!!!

  • Snarky Mommy says:

    My middle one had hair like that until she was 10 months old. We called her Woodstock for awhile.

    Jumperoos are totally mission critical during a snowstorm, especially if your husband was gone. You can’t be expected to entertain them all in his absence!

  • Beth says:

    Laughing. Outloud. AGAIN! Love the pj’s at the store and that photo of Conan O’Brien…err…I mean Harlowe…is just PRICELESS! Thanks for the giggle!

    BTW…my niece had crazy hair that stuck up in the crown area when when she was little and my Dad would say (every time he saw her) “three hundred and sixty five consecutive bad hair days” and crack himself up. He’s quite the jokester (or so he thinks)! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Just caught up on your last 100 posts or so. I love hearing about the twins so that focus is fine with me. But just for the record, I think that all of the kids are well represented. Happy new year to you!

  • Lauren O'Donnell says:

    Totally agree, I would brave ANY blizzard to get jumperoos. We just put ours together and they are a LIFE SAVER!!!

    Harlowe is the cutest ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Okay your posts crack me up and I’m full of admiration for the juggle with four kids and that you still got yourself out to see the Purple Diva (make your husband happy and download the finale of RocknRoll Hall of Fame when they inducted george harrison – prince does a guitar solo that just “shreds,” as they say). BUT I have to say in that picture, um…Remember Toy Story I & the doll that was tortured by bad Sid? just saying…

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