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In 5th or 6th grade, you easily decide the names of your future children: Ashley, Jake and Ryan. With the names confirmed, you just need to figure how to get Louie to marry you someday even though he has a crush on Tara.

Still 5th or 6th grade: Louie is so not into you. He is so into Tara. Her hair is feathered and awesome so you can understand why. You might have to find a different husband.

Still 5th or 6th grade: You get into a fight with your best friend Stephanie because she wants to name her future daughter Ashley too. But I thought of it first, you insist! She doesn’t care. You decide you can’t be friends and will no longer share an apartment someday in Manhattan and now must live on separate coasts so that you can both have the name Ashley.

Many years later, you get married (not to Louie) and start planning a family.

Unbelievably, your husband actually has opinions when it comes to baby names. He tries to convince you that Jacket is a suitable boys name.

You try to convince him that you can’t handle the pressure of trying to create a kid cool enough to have the name Jacket.

You love the name Georgia but he doesn’t like it because of the traffic in Atlanta.

You named your dog Martini. Maybe a baby Cosmopolitan?

Every name he likes, you don’t.

Every name you like, he doesn’t.

Although neither of you like Cosmopolitan for a boy or girl.

You realize that you could easily name your children if your husband wasn’t involved but you would have no children if your husband wasn’t involved. You consider needle pointing this epiphany on a throw cushion.

Somehow we came up with names. Good ones. I mean, we had one kid’s name we had to change but you try to come up with five names and not have one slight misstep.

Speaking of names, I did a sponsored post a couple months ago about LegacyBuilder. And I wrote, “At first I was a little scared by the name. LegacyBuilder? Is that like an historian super hero?”  In the post, I even nicknamed it LB Spice because who doesn’t love a nickname.

(Turns out, it’s not a super hero at all but a great website where you can easily organize your photos, videos and the story of your life in a very user friendly timeline.)

Well, they must have recognized that I am a self proclaimed baby name expert because LegacyBuilder has changed its name! It’s now called One Day.

Even though I think they should have gone with LB Spice, I really like the new name One Day!  First of all, the site helps you capture the story of “one day” in your life. Like the day your kids played dodgeball with Little Bites blueberry muffin packages in your living room and you caught it all on video.

Or how “one day” your 4-year-old son can look back at photos you’ve stored on the website and think, why did I constantly wear a Home Depot apron?

chase in home depot outfit

(And his name isn’t even Joey.)

Finally, the new name also gives me fond memories of the lovely Valerie Bertinelli and building superintendent Schneider as we all try to live one day at a time.

If you want to try out One Day, sign up with code MAMABIRD3 to get a free lifetime premium account, up to 25GB.

This is a sponsored post for One day. All ideas are my own. 


2 Responses to the stages of naming a baby

  • Princess Judy says:

    This post just proves what a girly girl I’m not. I even hated playing with dolls. I never had my future kids’ names picked out and was horrified to learn that I *had* to have kids. Luckily I grew up enough to discover the pope was a man and like most men he was wrong, especially when it came to birth control. In high school we were required to write a fictional story about our child so I named the kid Crayola and never used a gender identifying pronoun. Jacket would have a been a good name too though.

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