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I’ve really been off the radar screen for a few days dealing with a family situation. It’s been stressful, time consuming, heartbreaking and emotionally exhausting. But we’re finally moving (Oh God, I hope!) in the right direction. I know I’m being all mysterious and on the down low but I want to protect people’s privacy.

Thankfully, my husband has been enormously supportive during this time. And my sister flew in from Memphis to help out. I’m always happy to see that girl’s face. She can make me laugh even during the crappiest of times.

Tonight we finally had a chance to grab some dinner. Just the two of us. So as we’re walking to the restaurant, her flip flop breaks.

Here’s the thing about a broken flip flop. YOU CAN NOT WALK WITH IT ON. It’s really impossible. You have to sort of hop and hobble your way to your destination.

Now maybe a lesser gal than my sister would have insisted that we return home so she could put on shoes that actually stayed on her feet.

But no.

Sushi and wine were awaiting.

Quinn put the broken flip flop in her purse, walked all the way to the restaurant with one bare foot and enjoyed her dinner.

quinn's flipflop

Those are her feet under the table.

Shoes and shirt required?

Well, she definitely had the shirt thing totally covered.

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