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If I have to defend Sarah Palin one more time, I’m really going to start to get pissy.

Because her policy positions are appalling to me.

And it doesn’t make a difference to me that she’s a woman.

Because having a vagina is not reason enough for me to put someone in the White House. I need a pro-choice, pro-environment, pro gun control, pro free speech, anti-war vagina. You know what I mean?

That said, I’m still a bit unsettled by this grassroots effort, Women Against Sarah Palin.

I just don’t like the idea of pitting women against each other.

The leaders of this anti-Palin effort are quick to point out…

We want to clarify that we are not against Sarah Palin as a woman, a  mother, or, for that matter, a parent of a pregnant teenager, but  solely as a rash, incompetent, and all together devastating choice for Vice President.”

But still. Something just does not feel right about it.

For instance, “Men Against Joe Biden” is still an available web address. Probably because it sounds pretty ludicrous, right?

And I’m still bristling at the so-called “mommy wars.”  How exactly did I miss this fierce battle between working moms and stay at home moms that the media just adores referring to?

I have friends who work full-time and others who stay at home with their kids. And a lot of moms do something in between. But our country loves a good cat fight so us moms MUST just loathe any other mom who lives her life differently from us. Really? Yeah, I don’t think so.

So frankly, I’m not a Woman Against Sarah Palin.

I am a Voter Against Sarah Palin.

And an American Against Sarah Palin.

This isn’t a female thing. It’s a future of the country kind of thing.

So let’s celebrate that we, once again, have a woman as the Vice Presidential Candidate.

And then let’s all go vote for the candidates that we believe will do the best job leading our nation.

69 Responses to the sarah palin wars

  • Daphne says:

    Mine is (see comment #1)
    Bravo girl. I’m an American, a voter and a mother who is appalled that the Republicans couldn’t find a single vagina more qualified than this one.

  • I think the “Women Against…” moniker is a reaction to the overwhelming media stereotype that all women must be agog over Governor Palin. Just because we’re women and (surprise!) she’s a woman. Because, you know, that’s how we women vote – with our vaginas.

    I can’t believe this is the 21st century. Of course, the assumption is no more demeaning to women than the assumption that black people vote for Obama because he’s black is demeaning to black people. The media loves stereotypes. And so do elections. This election has degenerated so far down into sound bites and stereotypes that I cannot even bear to watch.

  • Melisa says:

    Isn’t it silly that because we are women, then we should all be jumping with joy over Sarah Palin? I think this is the reason for that moniker. If I have to hear one more time that I HAVE to vote for her because we share a common body part, I will begin to get pissy.

    I like you am a I am a Voter Against Sarah Palin and an American Against Sarah Palin, seems simple doesn’t it?

  • I agree – every person (men and women) should vote on the issues that are most important to them NOT based on race or gender!

    I’m so sick of hearing about Palin’s gender. Personally, what I care about is her education, relevant work experience and where she stands on the issues that are important to me. Based on those three criteria, I don’t support her as a politician BUT that does mean I don’t admire many of the things that she has been able to personally accomplish as a woman/wife/mother/etc.

  • tracey says:

    Damn straight! And can everyone please, PLEASE move on from making this a gender issue in the votes? Do we even REMEMBER that it is McCain we’re choosing or not? And I have yet to hear the “I’m not voting for Obama because he’s not white” blog entry. Why is race so taboo but gender is open for crude discussion????

  • Stephanie says:

    Nicely said. I too, am a Voter Against Sarah Palin. It has nothing to do with gender; it has to do with my one year old daughter and the future of this country.

  • Portia says:

    LOL…I love it!! I received that email and became disturbed that it was WOMEN
    against Palin as opposed to Voters against her. I believe that the intent was good, but the lead-in ruined it! This and other ‘women’s’ groups have
    fallen prey to exactly what they fight against if you really think about it…they want to not define themselves by their vaginas…well they just lay their proverbial vaginas
    out their for all to see…think ladies!! THINK!!! So I’m still waiting for the other view to drop…Radical feminist mama….where are you??

  • Jessi says:

    I defend that woman every day as it seems that so many people just want to bash her just to bash her. We wonder how we can so easily go to war against another country, but yet, we go to war against our own people even quicker.

  • kristen says:

    I am a Voter Against Sarah Palin.

    And an American Against Sarah Palin.

    This isn’t a female thing. It’s a future of the country kind of thing.

    word, sister. xo

  • Cathy says:

    The Republicans did a brilliant job picking her–the fact that she’s a woman makes McCain look like he’s about change when he’s NOT, and she’s NOT either.

  • wa says:

    As always, you nailed this, Kelcey.

    And it is funny how McCain’s been lost in the shuffle. He’s like Regis when Kelly starts hogging the camera.

  • Madge says:

    You said it just right.

    I’m so tired of the mommy wars thing as well. Really, we are all just trying to survive and get through the day–no matter what we are doing. why do people have to make it out as something sinister?

  • sam says:

    i don’t care what she has between her legs, it’s what she’s got between her ears that is petrifying to me!! i am so sick to my stomach to think of what she stands for and of the prospect of having this person in office. VOTE PEOPLE!!!! find out if there are people in your area that need help getting to the polls…

  • Rob Stewart says:

    OMG you just made me laugh so hard! You rock – and this blog brings lots of joy:)
    Keep it up K!
    P.S. Your girls are precious!

  • Jennifer H says:

    Seriously. Thank. You.

    (How’s this for a website: The Vagina Mommyblogs?)

    I have no idea what that means, and it’s sort of redundant.

    And now I’ve sullied your fantastic post, with irrelevant talk of the lady bits.

  • mp says:

    I want to win the brushes…

    I have a vagina and I’m going to vote for McCain

    My husband has a penis and he’s going to vote for Obama

    We do this every election…

    I was going to vote for Obama but when he chose Biden who also has a penis I decided not too.. BUT if McCain would have chose Romney I would have voted for Oboma (Romney also has a penis even though he’s morman)..that was horrible. I am so sorry Morman People.
    If Obama would have chosen Hillary I would have moved to Canada. I think that we’re still uncertain if she has a vagina.
    OMG I better stop.

  • erinb says:

    If my baby wasn’t crawling over the laptop while I am trying to type I would write something witty that had the word vagina used like 12 times…but I will just say AMEN to this post and ditto to the mamas above me! you rock KK

  • myhouseof6 says:

    you knew i would have to comment on this absurd post and all of the comments. wow, i just have to remember the bulk of you girls are from new york, which is already a blue state, so there is no changing your minds. you have already won your vote. i however live in a battleground state with 11 electoral votes on the line.

    i still dont understand how americans can be supportive of a man whose mentor for three years on the woods fund was Ayers??? how can you say he is the best choice for america???
    he is as anti american as they come, and i will go to bat on that one until the cows come home.

    also, are you hip new york mamas so liberal that you are looking forward to your kindergarten age child learning
    what goes in their vagina???
    holy cow, there will be no sex ed going on for my five year old, and i do quote osama, he says in regards to teaching the five year olds sex ed, “it is the right thing to do.”

    and just for the record, there was never any book ban by palin, that was made up by your liberal media.

    kelsey, you do rock but seriously i can’t help getting fired up over these comments!!

  • You’re so darn eloquent it makes me want to plagiarize. But I won’t, I promise! Well said, my friend. (I’d love to see how many random hits you get for saying “vagina” a hundred times!! Have fun with those.)

  • Diana says:

    I hear you Kelc! I am baffled at the people who are trying to sell Palin to Clinton supporters because they are both women! It’s insulting!

  • Alexis says:

    If you blinded Obama and McCains resumes, ask yourself, based on experience and result… who would you want in the oval office? Then you can consider the VP and gender if you want but Americans are way of course attacking and attacking and attacking Sarah Palin and her children and her husband and her lipstick.

    Kelcey you got us posting and thinking that is always good!

  • Kelsey Kleiman says:

    I really do not think there is anything to celebrate when it comes to Sarah Palin – a woman – being a VP candidate.

    If we shouldn’t pit women against women, why should women blanketly support/celebrate a person just because she has a vagina.

  • Aimee says:

    Ok you made me spit water across the computer! I love the fact you need an anti-war vagina!
    I so understand this. I have been put in social circumstances when republican men put my back against the wall saying such things as “you women worked hard to be able to vote–and now you aren’t going to vote for a women. I bet you would have voted for Hilary”–yes I would have voted for Hilary–but not because of her vagina. I am not FOR Obama’s penis….I am FOR Obama’s politics!
    If Palin makes it to office the nation will have it’s worst yeast infection of it’s life–and no cream will fix that baby!
    Clearly a women that might of faked her own pregnancy, AND has a crap load of fellow Alaskins WITH vaginas against her–isn’t a good sign.

  • Kelcey says:

    myhouseof6 –

    I certainly respect your different opinion on the best candidates to run this country. And I welcome your opinions on the mama bird diaries.

    What I don’t understand is why you have to personally attack the other commenters. Why can’t you just present your views? Wouldn’t that be a better way to add to the discussion?

  • Kelsey Kleiman says:

    for the record, I made an attempt at humor by using the c word – you know the one, the derogative term for a woman – the word that McCain called his wife in front of the media years ago…but it was deemed inappropriate language for the blog.
    Normally I wouldn’t use the word vagina (sooooo sick of that word…when you have a 3 year old its soooo overused) in a post but it was tied to the c-joke.

  • myhouseof6 says:

    point well taken kelcey, my comments are towards the liberal party not your commenters. im sure that the very unkind comments made by certain posters are only meant for the conservative party that i share views with as well.
    love the blog, love you, i will behave from this day forth.
    maybe i just won’t read the political posts anymore since i am CLEARLY outnumbered.

  • Michelle says:

    Why must women be so hard on each other? (What a website)

    We are blessed to live in a country where not only do we get the opportunity to vote but we get to choose between a ticket with an African American for President or a woman for VP. These people are standing on the shoulders of many who have fought hard for their right to participate, let’s not loose sight of that.

    My House of 6, thanks for being brave enough to speak your mind. 🙂 I disagree with you but I respect your right to choose your candidate.

  • caro says:

    Great post!
    To the commenter who says Obama is supportive of teaching sex ed, I would have to ask respectfully that she get the facts straight. It is not sex education for kindergarteners. It is teaching children the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching. To help protect them against sexual abuse. Which I personally would want my child to know about.

  • Kelsey Kleiman says:

    Who is the commenter named Zeb who loves that we “libs” are afraid of Palin? Why do you love that…exactly?

    (and, I read your last blog post from Feb. which suggested that “Gun Guaranteed Zones” is the solution to stop school shootings.

    Strange POV and even stranger that your blog is called “Obvious Logic.”

  • Kelsey Kleiman says:

    I to think it is nice that Houseof6 is not afraid to voice her opinion here. And, I think it is important to realize that she may be as terrified of Obama/Biden as we are of McCain/Palin which can cause a little acidity in one’s tones and attitudes. I struggle with this myself.


    I would like Houseof6 to go to bat until the cows come home on Obama being anti-american (a term in and of itself that I really do not understand). I cannot imagine a more aspirational and inspirational man to be running for office. I feel like he is incredibly empathic and intelligent in his concern for the people of this country. I also happen to think that the love that generates back and forth between the Obama’s and the Biden’s is authentic. These couples could be amazing role models for this country.
    (unlike McCain and we are yet to know about Palin)

    I have never heard that Bill Ayers was Barack’s mentor. Their paths crossed on a very respectable, community service based grass-roots organization where they merely sat on a board together for 3 years.

    As for liberal NY mamas looking forward to our kindergarten age children learning what goes in their vagina…well, interesting way of seeing it – that we look forward to it. I’m not really getting that but, whatever…

    I am not fully engaged as to the end status of the Illinois bill in question but I have read it. It is very clear that sex ed can be opted out by parents to no consequence to the child. It also clearly states that the information taught must be age appropriate and developmentally appropriate.

    It is very hard for some adults to understand sexually in children. It is hard for me to understand but I have to as, let me just say, that a child under 4 that I am very close with has been masturbating for about 2 years. She does it when in the car seat and used to do it in the stroller which makes for an uncomfortable situation when shopping. But, our perspective of it is an adult sexual perspective. She is just a child acting on instinct. And, if you study child development you learn that sexual latency begins at something like age six – puberty. I cannot wait for that latency period!

    Children are sexual and they are preyed upon and children are capable of abusing other children so I am all for AGE APPROPRIATE sex ed that will teach my child how to avoid unwanted sexual activity. Perhaps we should get the POV of some adults who were touched inappropriately at a young age and hear what they think of this bill.

    As for the book ban, I think the people on this post understand that Palin has never banned books from the library. I think we also know that she has been quoted as saying that “Daddy’s Roomate” did not belong on the shelf even though she had not read it and said she did not need to read it. And, yes, this is not banning books at all but it is an attitude that liberal people who understand that homosexuality is a natural and normal thing tend to frown upon.

    I think I need to go out and find a blog of right wing conservatives so I can be the only liberal….

    I have a feeling I am talking to the wind and this post is officially over.

  • myhouseof6 says:

    kelsey k, this is written with total respect for your point of view. obama and ayers are friends, have lived in the same neighborhood for years, and worked together closely, obama prior to running called him his “mentor”. im sure you are aware that ayers wears a ring made of an american plane shot down over vietnam, which when presented the ring he was moved to tears. his wife and him wear these rings to this day. that sickens me.

    as with the child masturbating, i feel for the mother and have great understanding of sexuality in children, i have been a pediatric nurse for 10 years.
    i do not however approve of the public school system teaching my child age appropriate sex ed. morals and ethics should and can be taught in the home, when i send my child to school it is for education, not ethics.
    my husband and i are more than capable of teaching my children who and what touches them where and when.
    more abc 123 in kindergarten and less talk of the va-jj.

    more wine for everyone.

  • Stephanie says:

    Kelsey…I love this blog and I love that you stand up for what you believe in! In response to some of the other comments…. Really, sex ed in kindergarten??!?!?! Let’s check the facts on that one.

  • Aimee says:

    ok ok…today I am little bit calmer and don’t feel the need to scream VAGINA all over the place. With this I thought I would post this comment:
    Can I just tell you I hate when people lump all conservatives as the same–and all the “libs” the same–there is reason and life experiences (or inexperiences) on both sides that have led us to our own beliefs …and isn’t that what this melting pot of a country is all about? As I think I posted on this blog before–I worked in a higher up political office once—I KNOW how the cookie crumbles in politics and even considered going that route myself. But I couldn’t stomach it. I can tell you from experience BOTH parties are derived from the SAME thing–money. Every now and then we get someone in office that fights for the underdog (being those without money)–but this country–the land of the free–is really free for those who have the right education, healthcare, and the support to succeed in whatever they hope to achieve in life. After working in a political office I was a social worker for years advocating for the needy–and then became a teacher in the inner city. It is appauling that in the year 2008 education isn’t equal across the board–opportunity is not equal–and yet we stand as “all men created equal”–how can they be when they are not treated as such? I spent $5000 in my first year of teaching JUST on paper, pencils, and books–because this WAS NOT available to this lower class system. It baffles me. I wasn’t born hugging trees, or with a “bleeding heart”–I had experiences in my life–all here in USA (a land I am grateful to live and raise my child in), but with such experiences wonder if I would feel different about this country had I lived in a community that my only option to feed my baby was to sell drugs or prostitute because somehow I graduated high school not knowing how to read. (and I am not even stretching the truth even a bit).
    My husband is a lawyer in the corporate world. I know when the curtain closes on election day he is voting republican and he knows when the curtain closes that same day–I am voting democrat. We are still happily married, and we can debate these issues till we are blue in the face. But the reality is we have had different life experiences here…and with this melting pot of a country we have the right to choose.
    I just wish that this land of the free equaled equal education. That is what matters to ME. Many other issues are more pressing to you–regardless it is ok to disagree–and even better that Kelcey had the figurtive BALLS to step up and discuss it.
    Thanks to the gazillion immigrants who made the trip to this land so long ago…we have the opportunity to have freedom of speech –this doesn’t mean we have to lose our dignity, or disrespect others while doing so.
    This country belongs to all of us…we all have the right.

  • Mama Duck says:

    I was born and raised in the deep south where racism is still very real though everyone denies it. One of the elders in my family, who claims to bleed democrat blue, said that they would not vote for Obama for fear of his wife painting the White House black. I’m sure that this isn’t the only reason but some part of it must be true or it wouldn’t have been said. I’m still new at this politics thing and never paid much attention in Social Studies class. But, I do try to vote for the person, Democrat or Republican, who I think will do the best job for us. It is difficult, especially with the media, to sift through what’s real and what’s not, truth or rumor. I guess I consider my self to be a liberal republican. Why to we have to have ‘Parties’ anyway? Why can’t the playing field be leveled? How about this…Why not put a cap on the dollar amount that candidates are allowed to spend on their campaign? Don’t you think that this would help to make for a more even race? Sorry I’m babbling…Thanks for the post Ms. Kelcey. Reading your post and all of the comments helps keep me informed. 

  • Tully's Mama says:

    I’m a mama, a full-time employee, a grad student, my in-laws are in town, starting my 3rd trimester with #2, but Miss Kelcey mamabird has started such a great discussion/debate that I have made the time to read the FIFTY THREE comments posted by all of you. I read enough news, listen to plenty of NPR and try to fact dive behind all the stupid rumors that are spoken about both candidates, but this blog seems to be my favorite source for all considered. We are all so passionate about this election and having been a registered voter for almost 20 years, it’s the first time I’ve ever known this much, or felt this much for that matter. It’s obvious many of you feel the same. Again, big thanks to Kelcey for providing such a great forum for all the voting vaginas. Got it in there. Eve Ensler would be proud. (have you read her essay about VP-SP? Dang, girl.)

  • Stephanie says:

    myhouseof6 – I find it offensive that you refer to Obama as “Osama”. I don’t refer to McCain by an offensive name. I am not a McCain supporter but I do have respect for him.

  • andrea says:

    just one quick comment for houseof6…
    while I agree that ethics and morals should be taught in the home- and I do believe you and your husband will do a fine job with your kids- on a country wide scale (the one where teen pregnancy is on the rise) how can you argue against the public school system getting involved in sex ed. Helping those kids (yes kids) whose parents do not sit them down and educate them. These are the kids that are in higher risk of getting pregnant and contracting diseases. How can we as an educated society not help those kids???

  • Jessica says:

    I was a voter against Sarah Palin… now I am a woman against Sarah — and her vajayjay too! She should know as a mother (with a vajayjay) that we can not and should not control and make decisions for our older children… and obviously she was neither able to control her oldest daughter, nor her daughter’s vajayjay

    The fact that people reacted to my post against Palin by defending her because she was she was pro choice and therefore, based on that and that alone, would make her a good VP really, really has me worried.

    I just want this whole election to be over with. ENOUGH already!

    (And even though I am no fan of Ms Palin and her Vajayjay I really do agree completely with your post!)

    btw, I use the word Vajayjay because I am sure the word vagina has been banned in the Palin household.

  • caro says:

    In response to houseof6 (and andrea 🙂 ):

    I too am in full agreement that morals and ethics begin in the home, and it is the parents’ responsibility to teach them. Houseof6, if you don’t want your child to be taught that by the teacher, you can opt out. I still maintain, however, that for some children, school is the only safe place they have to go. Who will teach the children who are already being abused that what is happening to them is not right? They need to know that they can go to a teacher or other trusted adult. And this type of thing is typically touched on very briefly–leaving plenty of time to learn the necessary academics.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    How can anyone be against ‘education’ of any kind? The more you know, the better off you are. Ethics and education are not the same. The ethnic groups who value education; are the ones who rise to the top. Jews are an example. They are overly represented in all the arts/professions/media and Nobel Prizes. An education stays with you your entire life….and it is the ground-work for success and survival. I fear the ignorant; and those who want to keep other people in the dark…(like their own children)…shame on you.

  • myhouseo6 says:

    ok, i see that it is just a totally different life style where i live, where i come from than the rest of the commenters.
    im definitely not against education, but i am 100% against teaching 5 year olds what should or should not go in their va jjs. that is just so crazy to me. my children and their friends are just so fortunate i guess that they have no idea that their parts are for anything else other than voiding. so why subject all of the class when there is only a small chance one child may know more than that? you always need to think of the greater good. i don’t know anyone who is for age appropriate sex ed in the early years. but, with all respect for others, that is where i was raised and where my children are being raised. i grew up with a bunch of wholesome farm kids and they were too busy feeding cows and bailing hay to get into that sort of trouble as children. we all went to church and had family picnics. how lucky and blessed, i know.
    i honestly think if they tried some of the liberal ideas there would be a mass exodus to private schools or home schooling. things are just so different in the midwest. im not saying it is better or worse, just different, and it is hard to be so open to other things when it is so foreign to you. i guess i will just have to respectfully disagree, as the east coast must be like another country compared to my area.

  • Wait a minute…Sarah Palin is a woman?!! Holy cow. I’m surprised the Republicans haven’t tried to use that fact to their advantage…you know, because women will vote for…oh, wait….

    Houseof6, I have seen you comment here often that it must be that readers of this blog are all from NYC and that is the difference between “you” and “them”. I am solidly Mid-West here, love where I live, and cannot stomach the McCain/Palin ticket. THEY scare me. Obama and his platform THRILL this Midwest mom.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    House of 6 – I thank you for appreciating and laughing at my blogs. However, I didn’t know you were from another century. If you grew up on a farm, surely you’ve seen the ‘animals doing it’…I grew up in the city, never saw a cow till I was 5 and had no idea of what that was hanging off it’s belly (udders). I was poking it with a stick till my father stopped me, then I tried putting the stick up the cow’s ass. Then they took the stick away from me. Don’t keep yourself or your children ignorant; they will process sex information according to their ages; and be better off for it. There’s no upside for ignorance…and no downside for information. I doubt there’s ANY MOTHER who wants her children molested or pregnant as an unwed teen. Mother’s can’t be with their children 24/7; so if the child has some information to say ‘NO’, OR ASK FOR HELP…because something’s going on that shouldn’t be….that’s a GOOD THING.

  • myhouseof6 says:

    aunt marcia, i do find you entertaining.
    i just pray to keep my children living in the century i live in.
    the more i can protect them, the better off they are.
    i still 100% believe that type of education is for in the home, don’t waste my tax dollars on it at school. if we are teaching ethics and morals at school, then why may i ask is there separation of church and state?

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Sex education is not any different than reading/writing/arithmetic…it’s more information for children to help them cope in the world we live in today. You teach your child ethics/morals/religion at home, you teach ‘information’ at school. You can always opt out of having your child in that class, and keep them ignorant until you feel they are old enough to know. And you’ll be surprised; they’ll be teaching you a thing or two….they’ll already KNOW from their own sources. Ignorance is Not Bliss…it’s dangerous.

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