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I never dreamed all of you would come up with so many rockin’, under the radar, cocktail ideas for my flight at 10 in the morning. I’m quite impressed with all the mama mixologists out there.

Not only did you relieve my guilt about boozing it up so early (I think they have a word for it… enablers or something) but you also made me feel a whole bunch better about leaving my kids for a few days. Well, Suburban Correspondent was mocking me a bit but she just wants my plane ticket. She has six kids so… well, I guess I don’t have to say anything more.

Meanwhile, my husband Rick is ready to take on the full responsibility of taking care of Dylan and Summer. Right, Rick? Wait, where did he go? I swear, he was just here two seconds ago.

Oh Rick, just a heads up, I mistakenly created a new addendum to the girls’ bedtime routine a few weeks ago. You see, I thought it would be fun one night if we danced to our bedtime songs. You know, instead of the kids being all sleepy and calm in their beds. Because nothing helps a toddler drift off faster than a rowdy sing-a-long to Jingle Bells.

Umm – it kind of looks like this…

And this…

The girls love the new routine (what a perfect new delay tactic for avoiding going to bed AND mommy came up with it!). They can’t believe their good luck.

And it’s just so hard to break a routine once kids are all jazzed up about it.

The other night, after we brushed teeth or at least really pretended to, I said to them, “Ok, let’s go to your room. Time for songs.”

They both booked it to their bedroom with incredible speed and focus and Dylan shouted out, “It’s a dance party. Yippee!!”

So yeah, sorry about that one Rick. You can thank me when I return. Jingle all the way.

mama bird notes

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30 Responses to the san fran buzz

  • Madge says:

    They are so cute. How can you leave them?

    Love the fact that they are dancing before bed. What is that special energy kids get right at bedtime? Mine are practically jumping off the walls.

    Have a great trip…

  • HRH says:

    I love the bedtime dance party. I am sure daddy will just dance along if he knows what is good for him!

    You are going to have a great time and I am a bit like S.C. and want your plane ticket.

  • Memarie Lane says:

    A couple weeks ago I encouraged the kids to get creative with their bedtime song, so they replaced the last word of each phrase with “poop.” And henceforth I must sing it that way forevermore.

  • amy says:

    That’s awesome! Daddy usually puts them to bed around her and I’m the one who gets screwed with the crazy routine. How am I supposed to know I’m supposed to read Mr. Paint Pig in a silly accent, 3 times while hanging upside down. Geez, I can’t do anything right…

  • Pearl says:

    That dancing picture is ADORABLE!
    As for missing them, I am such a sappy sissy that I get a pang of baby missing when I go to the grocery store alone and see my empty carseat.

    Enjoy your time at BlogHer, we are having great weather so it should be gorgeous for you! Let me know if you want to ditch the conference and take a tour of the wine country πŸ˜‰

  • Do not even complain (worry) about flying without kids. WITHOUT kids. Without kids, anything is possible.

    I always read on a plane (when I’m not getting jumped on by THREE KIDS). If you can be totally zoned out in a book, time really does fly!!!

  • Jennifer H says:

    Methinks Rick might drink a little earlier in the day than usual, too.

    And very late at night. πŸ˜‰

    It’s awesome that you just recently added the dance party to bedtime. Well-played, well-played…

  • Jessi says:

    Oh, you’re the coolest mom on the block.
    I missed your last blog – sounds like you had enough enablers to support you *hic* (sorry, I also drink in the mornings πŸ˜‰

  • Jacki says:

    At least they don’t strip, hide under the covers, and jump out at Rick. Emma did that to Peter last night and he about passed out. As he said, he never imagined he’d walk in a room and see his naked daughter jump out of bed at him.

  • kristen says:

    i so wish we were on the same flight – we could booze together!

    i can’t wait to meet you either – now i’m flummoxed with the whole carry-on, check thing…if i wasn’t flying united i’d check in a red-hot minute…they’ve lost my luggage more than once and i can’t show up to the people’s party in flying gear, i just can’t.

    see you soon!

  • francine Kasen says:

    My son had an inner radar that sensed I “valued” reading time, so he pushed his bedtime story to 5 Five FIVE books per night!!! I got very good at stupid accents, just to keep it interesting enough for ME to stay awake!
    BTW, I read to him for YEARS because of his learning disbility…including homework assignments etc. He has recently informed me (when he heard me tell someone that he couldn’t read until he was ten) “Mom, I could read, I just didn’t want to”. I wanted to throttle him, but he takes the Fla Bar exam in 2 weeks, and I don’t want to waste the money it cost to get him to this point! So Moms…..the moral of the story is, if your kids are yankin’ your chain, be patient. In a mere 26 years they will be self sufficient and make you proud. Of course YOU will be a drooling idiot by then, so wear a bib!

  • JoLynn says:

    Sound’s like you made it!!! (Out of the house) Let us know how that rockin’ San Fran night life is…………don’t get into trouble-I know how you like those “Cross-dresser’s”!!!! LOL

  • Michelle says:

    I can’t believe what a little person Summer is becoming!! They are too cute, pajamas are my favorite.

  • Daphne says:

    Love the dancing pictures. We do dance party here too…it’s how I get my fill of the 80s (Acadia was singing Wiggle it, just a little bit at breakfast this am!)
    Thanks for the shout out for Greener Biener.

  • debringold says:

    Too cute…but Rick will have them dancing to “Grease.” Have a great trip…and there is nothing wrong with drinking at 10am. Why?…because I said so.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    It’s almost an official drought here in Marin County, driest Spring on record; they’re getting ready for manditory water restrictions. That’s your invite to come over and take a 1 hour shower; with Margaritas served on my front deck after.

  • calikim says:

    Marcia is killin’ me with the shower talk.

    Have a safe flight and enjoy SF….See you if we can make it happen!!!

  • Rhea says:

    Awesome new bedtime rules! I love it. Now you need to install a real-time web cam so we can enjoy watching RICK dance the girls to sleep. hehe

    I’m out of town with my boys right now, left the hubby in charge of the house and dog. He hasn’t been checking the mail (it’s piling up for sure by now) and he’s been giving the dog her ear drops for an ear infection….IN THE WRONG EAR! Good lord have mercy.

    Not to make you nervous or anything. I’m sure Rick will do great. hehe

  • Lanie says:

    Have you read the “Going to Bed” book by Sandra Boynton? All the animals are on this ship – they change into their pjs, they brush their teeth and they go up on deck to exercise. Seems like the exercise (and perhaps the dancing) might slow up the bedtime routine. . . πŸ™‚

  • Rick Bucich says:

    Oh, how I can see how a little revenge might devolve this misadventure into new eating routines such as the obligatory β€œsee” food during every meal. Enjoy San Fran!

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