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On Friday morning, a massive snowstorm was just getting started and that meant early school dismissal. So I texted a friend…

“There is an early dismissal and I will be in the city. Can you pick up my girls from school and I’ll get them in early afternoon.”

Now she figured I had some kind of super important doctor’s appointment so of course she was happy to do it. But I assumed she knew that, “I will be in the city” is code for, “I’ll be at the Project Runway season 11 runway show.”  I mean, everyone knows that.

I had never been to a runway show and so I was very excited to wow everyone with my maternity wear. But honestly, the photographers seemed a lot more focused on host Heidi Klum and actress Kristin Chenoweth who was sitting in the front row.  Marilu Henner was also there – probably squeezing in the show before a Taxi reunion.

As I waited to go in, I ended up standing next to a young guy who was very popular with young girls attending the show.

Turns out he plays “Max” on some Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place.

And that’s where my brushes with celebrity ended.

The runway show was very cool and loud which I think makes it cooler. There were 8 collections shown and we had no idea which collection belonged to which designer.  It’s like they don’t trust us to not give the season away.


As you can tell from the photo, most of the designers are catering to the suburban New York mom niche.

Before I knew it, it was all over and time to head home in the snow.  I never did get a photo of myself there. I was going to ask “Max” of the Wizards but he must have been attending that Taxi reunion too and jetted out of there quickly.

But lucky for you, I did get a photo of myself later in the weekend at my school’s sock hop auction. I was one of the co-chairs so dressing up was obviously a must.

kelcey at 50s fundraiser

(Just to clarify, this is not a photo from the Project Runway fashion show.)

mama bird notes:

Hey, I made it on the short list for A New Generation’s Top Ten Bloggers To Watch in 2013. Thank you for the awesome honor!!

And if you want to check out my Lifetime Moms piece this week, I am writing about sexy Superbowl ads. Enjoy.

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