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There’s this photo I never took. I can still picture it perfectly in my mind. A 3 year old Dylan sleeping perpendicular in her crib, with her legs and feet sticking out through the bars. She often slept that way, despite that it looked completely uncomfortable.

I remember a new sitter trying to convince her of this. “Children don’t sleep like that. You need to keep your legs inside the crib,” the sitter insisted but like a lot of conventional ideas, Dylan didn’t care at all.

Even though I never got that photo, I did take this one….


After we would tuck Dylan in at night, she’d dig out the winter accessories and layer herself with outerwear. Why? I still do not know.

You see, those are the photos that mean the most to me. Not the family portraits. Or the school pictures. Or the family vacation snapshots. Those are, of course, nice to have. But the photographs that I truly love are the ones that completely capture a unique, wonderful trait of one of my children.

Which is why on the eve of my daughter Harlowe’s 5th birthday (and Chase too), I had to take a photo of this…

Harlowe sleeping

When I check on my children before I go to sleep, I always find Harlowe like this – with so much hair in her face, I can barely find her in the pile of goldilocks.

How does she sleep like that every night? Isn’t it itchy? How can she breathe? I do not know.

But it’s quirky and perfect. And some day, when she is all grown up and driving me to the beauty parlor to get my hair done, I will pull out my iPhone43 and look at this photo. And I will remember exactly what it felt like to be right here, right now.

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