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One of the moms at my daughter Dylan’s school is putting together a photo book for the teacher. She emailed the parents and asked for a picture of each child.

So my husband, bless his heart and his can do attitude, immediately sent off this one…

I took one look at that photo and said, “Why exactly would you send that?!”

Which he did not exactly appreciate.

I love my daughter very much and I think she is one of the most beautiful girls on the planet, but this photo does not do her justice. So I sent a different one.

Can my husband not see the wackadoodle hair?

Or am I the crazy one?!

23 Responses to the photo

  • Kerri says:

    I totally noticed the hair! My husband would not have noticed either. gmd, mine is the same. He can walk by something 100 times, not put it away, then ask if I know where said item is…sigh!

  • Gcape says:

    See I am a man and I didn’t see anything wrong either. Must be a man thing.She looks cute and naturally beautiful.

  • Leigh says:

    I notice things like that. And that there is a guy in a childs size chair in the background. I hate when teachers do that to parents.

  • Bitsy says:

    You’re not crazy; the butterfly pic is much better. But in his defense, at least he lifted a finger and did it! Most dads would not even be on the email list and certainly wouldn’t respond. So pat on the back to Rick.

  • s. shpilberg says:

    I am a woman and I don’t see anything bad in the first picture. She is just a young girl who would expect her to have neat hair all the time? If she had, it would mean to me that she is a bit too superficial to her age and not enjoying her childhood… in addition she wears a headband which makes it totally ok.

    Neat hair for theater, cinema, restaurant, in the beginning of kids parties and in the morning when going to kindergarten/school other time I don’t care as long as the kids are happy.

    She looks happy=>nice picture. That’s all what is needed πŸ™‚

  • Lori says:

    Yes! I totally noticed wackadoodle hair! And after seeing your beautiful daughter in other posts, I would absolutely react in a similar fashion… I’m guessing you have lots of photos with a hair days that shows off Dylan’s pretty hair!

  • betsy says:

    I see no problem with her hair. The only comment I have about the pictures is tht the butterfly picture is more recent so probably better. She is missing her teeth in the first one and there are blocks in the classroom, but give Rick credit for trying.

  • Megan says:

    You can go wrong with either pic of Dylan, as she is gorgeous!
    Todd was in charge of sending a photo of Claire to nursery school and when I look at the bulletin board it’s a photo that the teacher
    took last year. Yes…her 3 year old photo was used the entire year in the 4’s class because he forgot after many reminders! So I’d be thankful if my husband sent any photo!

  • Michelle says:

    Hey, if they can’t “see” the tissues that missed the trash can how exactly are they going to notice a rat’s nest that may or may not just be part of the surrounding decor?

    At least that’s the excuse I hear for every.single. counter and stove that has failed to have been wiped off when he’s “on” for cleaning up after dinner. Because, you know, I purposely decorated my kitchen in Early 80s “crumbs and stickiness.”

  • Katie says:

    Am I the only one who saw a phallic creation in the first photo? Beautiful girl otherwise, let’s just photoshop that tower OUT!

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