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The twins really like to make sure all is fair in the world. They constantly switch car seats because they want to make sure they each get a turn in both. I keep telling them it’s a car seat, not the Queen’s throne but it makes no difference.

We have one Elmo chair and they take turns brushing their teeth in it.

harlowe brushing her teeth

(Don’t send me another Elmo chair – one is plenty.)

I recently came across this old photo of the twins. They are just babies, all bundled up in their fleece onesies and strapped into their double stroller.

Chase and harlowe as babies 2010

I showed 3 year old Harlowe the photo. I don’t know where Chase was at the time. Probably off composing a symphony or working on his memoirs or something.

“Look at you guys! You’re so cute. Your mama was so tired at that time. I don’t know why I’m talking in the 3rd person. It’s a thing we moms do. But you are both so adorable!!”

Harlowe looked at the photo and said, “Mommy, the next time I’m a baby, can I be in the back and Chase can be in the front?”

“Sure honey. No problem.”

17 Responses to the philosophy of twins: things can never be too fair.

    • Haha! I literally JUST took the booster seats down from the kitchen table. My twins are 3.5 and wanted – desperately – to sit “like the big kids” but I mentally could not face the thought of not having somewhere to strap them in!!!

  • You’re kidding me, right? My twins fight over EVERYTHING. They share on very rare occasions. Like almost never. We had to get two potty chairs because we were sick of the rabid wearbeasts that appeared when anyone wanted to sit on the potty. And we were VERY afraid of the possibility of a potty seat with potty IN it being flung across the room.

    They are SO cute! πŸ˜‰

  • Kerri says:

    They don’t grow out iof twin Behaviour as they get older either! My identical twin girls are certainly a new parenting experience, even after raising 3 other girls ( 23, 21 19) to adulthood! The 2 boys are pretty mellow in comparison ( even the one with ADHD! ). I am still glad I had twins, as challenging as it can be. I miss my 2 sets if foster twins ( & all the others we provided care for ). But a bonus is I get to hang out with a set of twins at our dance/ performing arts studio & my 19 provides care to a VERY busy set of 3 yr old identical twin boys. Her experience with her twin siblings & foster twin siblings most certainly was beneficial. ( All the other care-givers quit!)

  • I’m jealous. Not of the exhaustion (you can keep that part), but of having twins. Only a small select group of mamas gets to experience that wonder in life. Cheers to you, special mama!

  • Mary Clare says:

    Love the toddler concept (or non-concept) of time, e.g. “the next time I am a baby!” My daughter when she was 3 would say things like, “when I’m the mama, you’ll be my baby and I’ll take care of you.” It made no sense whatsoever, but I appreciated the sentiment that she wanted to take care of me.

  • Lanie says:

    At age 6, we still have the switching seat debacle. I started having the twins leave a toy or something in the car seat so I could remember who sat where last.

    I thought that twins would be really good at sharing just because they have shared everything since before birth – I thought wrong! πŸ™‚

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