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So tonight are the Academy Awards…

Back in the day (pre-kiddos), Rick and I would go to Oscar parties and he would consistently win the Oscar pool and we would bring home our loot and bask in his supreme movie prowess, while dreaming up ways to lavishly spend the $50 bucks.

Now we just sit on our couch and watch.

Rick still gets just about every category right. But no one gives us any money whatsover.  Kind of like “Slumdog” without the millionaire.

But with “Project Runway” in never ending legal limbo, the red carpet is pretty much all I’ve got. And at least Tim Gunn is hosting the official 1/2 hour red carpet show at 8 pm EST on ABC.  And Ryan Seacrest (always slightly irritating)  and Giuliana Rancic (how did she get that job?!) will cover celebrity arrivals from 6 to 8 pm on the E network.

Don’t you still miss Joan Rivers? Not so much Melissa. But Joan for sure.

So I can’t wait to find out…

Will Jennifer Aniston walk the red carpet with never-going-to-marry-her John Mayer?

What will Octomom be wearing? She has to be going, right?!

Will the host Hugh Jackman do any kind of shout out to my husband, you know, his new best mate?

Can anyone remember when Mickey Rourke was seriously hot? Nap Warden and I do. But it’s getting really hard to remember. Don’t expect tonight to jog your memory.

And finally, will the aforementionedSlumdog Millionaire” win everything? It really should. What an incredible movie that came out of nowhere. Well, I haven’t actually seen it but the title sure sounds fun.

And since we’re not entered in any Oscar pools, Rick’s offering up his picks, so that those of you who are wagering might be able to enjoy a little economic stimulus:

Best Picture:  “Slumdog Millionaire”

Best Actress: Kate Winslett

Best Actor:  Mickey Rourke

Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger

Best Director:  Danny Boyle

Take it to the bank.

As for catagories like sound editing, um… you’re on your own.

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