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On Sunday morning, I am waiting for a photographer from The New York Post to arrive. I had recently been interviewed for an article about French vs. American parenting and they wanted a photo of me with my four very American children. Because I obsessively love The New York Post, I had to make this happen.

I just needed to take a shower, blow dry my thick mane of crazy hair, flat iron it down, put on make-up and then get all the kids dressed in presentable outfits with presentable hair.

By 9 am.

No problem.

Except 5-year-old Summer is shouting about definitely NOT wanting to be on camera.

And Dylan and Summer are outraged because they like to wear their pajamas for as long as possible on the weekends and 9 am is totally not as long as possible. They sob to showcase their complete devastation over the situation.

And then cry some more because I am making them wear dresses. “Dresses?!” they screech. “During pajama time?!!”

And Rick has the flu. And can’t move.

So at 7:15 am, I send a text to my dad that promises him a ritzy retirement home someday if he would PLEASE get over to my house and help me. He demands the home be on water front property and then agrees to show up at 8 am.

And somehow (screaming is definitely involved), we get it all together…

 Courtesy of Rahav ‘Iggy’ Segev

To see more photos from the shoot, click here.

To read Sara Stewart’s New York Post article, Be a Mom Like Moi!, click here.

And then Jen Doll of The Atlantic Wire tackled this topic too. And picked up one of my quotes from The New York Post….

Yes! Yes! I’ll write about a book about that. It will be entitled, Screw the French. How I Raised My Four Kids 70’s Style. On Tab and Love Boat reruns.

Details of the book tour coming soon.

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