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So I tried ever-so-quietly to creep out of the apartment at 6:45 this morning. But seconds before leaving, I inadvertently woke up 22 month-old Summer who immediately started uncontrollably wailing at the top of her lungs.

Which woke up Rick.

And then 4 year-old Dylan.

And since I had to rush out the door, I mumbled apologies and hightailed it out of the apartment. As I made my way towards the elevator, I could hear Summer hysterically crying, “MOMMY! I want Mommy!!!! MOMMY!!”

And poor, exhausted Rick desperately trying to reason with her. “She’s coming back. Mommy is coming back. Now let’s all lie down and get some rest, ” he pleaded.

“MOMMY!!!!!” the screaming continued.

Should I go back? But I’ll be late. And it probably won’t help at all. Oh crap.

So I held my ears, hopped into the elevator and headed uptown to attend the Mommy Blogger Monologues, effortlessly and brilliantly hosted by Maria Bailey, the author of “Mom 3.0” and the host of Mom Talk Radio.

It started at 7:30 in the morning and may I say thankfully, the Mommy Blogger Monologues and the Vagina Monologues have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Because really, who could talk about their vagina at 7:30 in the morning? Way too early.

Instead, this was an amazing chance for companies to hear directly from mom bloggers on ways to build mutually beneficial relationships and successfully target the mom audience.

I was so honored to be on the panel with moms like Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom (who has incredible taste, a beautiful website AND 5 kids). Oh, and she’s one of the founders of Kirtsy. And super smart when it comes to navigating social media. Can you force someone to be your best friend? I might just try.

The other way impressive and very articulate panelists included Kimberly Coleman, Alex Martin Neely, Kim Pace, Amy Platt, Amy Oztan and Andi Silverman.

As I sat on this panel, I really felt respected as a businesswoman and a blogger.

Of course, once these companies check out my website, they’ll know I have a recent habit of lying about a nonexistent fly fishing hobby and the ability to step in my own kid’s poop.

And, of course, a visual of me in my eighties senior prom dress.

That dress just screams future successful businesswoman and respected blogger. Pink taffeta is powerful like that.

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