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The older I get, the more I hate conflict.

Like a few months ago, I was in a Benefit Cosmetics store for a small private event. A free eyebrow wax had been promised. But I asked them to tweeze my eyebrows instead because waxing makes me red, puffy and extremely unattractive. For days.

But the store lady said no. That wasn’t part of the event. I should really do the wax she insisted! (I guess red, puffy and extremely unattractive was cool with her.) Or I could do something else – like an upper lip wax. Her generosity knew no bounds.

Except that the eyebrow person was just standing there, with no customers, and it was apparently impossible for her to tweeze my eyebrows. Just impossible, they insisted. Why? Company policy. They only provide free eyebrow waxes (no plucking) at promotional events. Despite the fact that I was a faithful customer of the store.

The whole thing was ridiculous and I got in an argument with the Benefit store lady who might know a lot about foundation but very little about dealing with the public.

So I got her supervisor’s name and number and vowed to call the next day to begin righting all the wrongs in the makeup industry!

But I didn’t call the next day. Or the day after. Or ever.

You see, I’m out of energy.

For the dumb stuff.

In my youth, I would have called. For sure. Man, I used to attempt to publicly shame people when they littered on the streets of New York City! I would make a grand gesture of picking up their garbage, depositing it in a trash can and loudly denouncing their behavior. (And this was pre-Purell.)

And I led a crusade to convince my fellow sorority sisters to stop referring to us women as girls!  We weren’t girls! We were powerful women!! Powerful women that liked to go to local ladies nights, make-out with frat guys and shimmy on bars.

And, of course, there was my mission to get my own mother to stop using Ziploc bags as a way to hold everything (from lotion to ChapStick to dental floss) in her purse. Because it looks like a Ziploc factory exploded in her bag…

(Note: This photo was not doctored in any way. That is exactly how my mom left her purse on my dining room table.)

My mother explained that she likes the bags because then she can easily see all her stuff. Well played Susie. Well played.

So I failed at all of these missions. And lately have lost a bit of my fighting mojo.

But I feel okay about it. I save my energy for the stuff that really matters to me. My family. My friends. Elections. The socials issues I care most about.

But not for some chick who refuses to pluck my eyebrows. Not anymore.

20 Responses to the loss of my fighting mojo

  • Jenn says:

    I’m kinda giving up the fight too lately. I get that ‘Seriously?!’ look and walk away these days.
    I may not have a million children (as you do), but my 3 yr-old and 15 yr-old, hubby, studies, full time job and part time job kinda take up all my excess energy.

  • Susan says:

    Maybe it was a blessing… you really wouldn’t want someone to do something they don’t want to … on your face! yikes.

  • Lanie says:

    I agree with you 100% Kelc. These days there just is not enough energy to sweat the small stuff. Great post. xoxo
    P.S. did they stop calling us girls?

  • Megan says:

    I’m glad you chose to go the no puffy, red route and
    continued to look beautiful! If you can believe it, I have never
    had my eyebrows waxed. Did your mom get the Zip-Lock
    craze from traveling on the airlines? I always have a zip-lock
    in my purse for a month after a plane trip.

  • Traci says:

    I totally agree that what used to seem worth the effort just doesn’t have the same type of appeal. And yes, we are wiser and focus our energy on more important issues – just like you said.

  • Carinn Jade says:

    So exhausting. I was on hold for 22 minutes with Pottery Barn Kids yesterday fighting over my son’s stinking anywhere chair — back-ordered until MAY. I hung up getting a color I didn’t want but they agreed to rush shipping (free of charge) so he could have it in time for his birthday on Sunday. I am so over it.

    Losing your fighting mojo isn’t a bad thing. It means you are more clear about the things that really truly matter (was that a song in the late 90s? Savage Garden? Terrible name.)

    PS – have you tried threading? It’s the Zumba to your waxing Tae-bo. (In other words, a must try.)

  • anna see says:

    i hear you. threw away rotten grapes and 2 lbs of chicken from target the other day. zero energy to make a fuss about it. i would have spent another $100 if i’d gone back to return them.

  • Tiffany says:

    I’ve had the same problem since getting older, or is it having multiple kids? No fight left in me. Really crappy of that Benefit lady though, maybe you could yell at them on twitter? Would take much less time/energy.

  • Jackie says:

    It all depends if I’m PMSing on the fight issue. No PMS I don’t care enough to battle. PMS you better watch out you might not have a bum left when I get finished with you.

  • Mo says:

    The ziploc idea is a great one. Unfortunately I don’t carry OR OWN a handbag. And I’ve never had my eyebrows waxed, or ziplocced. So basically, I’ve found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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