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I don’t know when the term “life hack” became a common term. All I know is that I had never heard of it and then suddenly it was sweeping the nation. I think it all happened in about two hours.

Life hacks are tips or tricks to handle everyday tasks more efficiently. Something you may not have thought of – like using a tennis racket as a pasta strainer. Or using pants clips as a chip clip for your snacks.

Somebody apparently comes up with this stuff. Probably the same people that video cats doing crazy things.

This was one of my favorite life hacks I saw recently. Someone turned a crib into an art center.



Well, I had my own not-quite-as-genius life hack moment.

You see, suddenly one day my glove compartment broke. It just hung open like this. All the time.


Now obviously this is no way to live. A glove compartment can’t just always be open. It makes the world off kilter. So I did a lot of sighing about it and when that didn’t seem to fix it, I  went and got an estimate.

And it was going to cost a couple hundred dollars.

Now there are things one might spend $200 bucks on but a glove compartment should not be one of them. So I went to a hardware store, bought $5 worth of some kind of dual lock, stronger than Velcro material and sealed that glove compartment shut.

Upside: 5 dollars! And my glovebox looks normal again!!

Downside: I can no longer use my glove compartment.

Upside: I don’t really care because remember… $5!

After doing this task, I pretty much felt like some kind of auto mechanic superhero.

And with that, I went home to drain my pasta with my tennis racket.

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