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Thankfully, we no longer have lice over here.

Unfortunately, I still stuffer from I-Formerly-Had-Lice-And-Now-I-Still-Feel-Constantly-Itchy syndrome.  I need one of those memory erasing drugs or something.

And there was another unexpected fallout from the experience.

During the house cleaning process, we had to bag up all our stuffed animals and dolls for a week. This apparently kills any potential bugs. So we threw everything in garbage bags, tied them up tight and put them in the basement.

But somehow – and no one around here is taking responsibility for this – one of the bags got inadvertently thrown out. Because you know, it was a garbage bag.

The bag was primarily the girls’ big baby dolls. And yes, there is a difference between big baby dolls and small baby dolls. I think big baby dolls grow up to be WNBA players.

Of course, the bag with 32 stuffed Elmos that no one ever plays with survived just fine. I’m sure Katy Perry will be enormously relieved.

Meanwhile, my in-laws keep unloading things at our house because they are cleaning out their New Jersey home so they can sell it. Apparently, we are either running a Good Will drop off center or this crap actually belongs to us.

Turns out, these are things we left at their home once upon a time because we didn’t have space in our Manhattan apartment.

Along with our stuff, they’ve also brought us a few items from Rick’s childhood like his award for Best Actor in 1986 from the Cherry Hill West Thespian Society.

Rick’s Emmy award already makes me feel inferior.  Now I have to deal with the jealousy of staring at his high school theater statue day after day?

It’s not easy to be married to such a superstar.

Oh, and yes, I still feel itchy.

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