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My husband is just a chronic overachiever. I don’t know why he’s so intent on making me look lazy.

First, the Emmy.

Then The Daily Show appearance.

And now he’s gotten himself on freakin David Letterman.

See if you can find Rick in this montage of news anchors butchering Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s name.

At first Rick thought, “Hey, wait a minute…I DID pronounce Sotomayor correctly.”

Which is totally awesome and true except for the tiny detail that her first name isn’t Susan. It’s Sonia.

Man, do they expect these news anchors to get EVERYTHING right?

Rick, who rarely makes a mistake on air, was so psyched to be on Letterman (a show he’s been watching since he was 12) that I’m not sure he cared what he called the future Supreme Court Justice.

Plus, I hear her friends call her Susie anyway.

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