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Over the weekend, I was having dinner with two girlfriends to celebrate my upcoming birthday and all of a sudden it turned into some kind of intervention.

They demanded to know the story behind my Justin Bieber obsession.

“So what is going on with you and Justin Bieber? Would you have sex with him if you could?”one of them asked.

“Oh my god,” I said in disbelief. “No, he’s a boy! A BOY. He’s 17 for gosh sakes. I just think he’s adorable. And he’s really talented.”

(I love him like I love my 1 year-old Chase. If Chase was just a bit older and could sell out Madison Square Garden.)

I continued…

“Maybe if Justin was 30 I’d think of him as more of a crush. But I think of him as a kid.Β  Listen, I will not discuss Justin Beiber until you both see the Bieber movie. He is a talent. He will win you over.”

Looks of doubt and pity from my friends. I hate when I’m misunderstood for my deep passions for young Canadian pop stars.

The Bieber talk subsided and then the topic turned to age.

Because my birthday is coming up. Again. And I swear I just turned 40. What the f*ck! When I was a kid, it took FOREVER for my birthday to roll around and now it comes like every other month.

I said to my friends, “It’s not that I mind getting older. It’s just that I mind LOOKING older. I don’t know how to accept that I’m going to get wrinkles. Okay, that I have some wrinkles. I don’t know how to embrace the aging process.”

But one of my friends said she doesn’t care about wrinkles or looking older. She’s more worried that as she ages, she has less and less time on this earth.”

Whoa. That’s heavy.

But really, we have no idea how much time we have left on this earth. It could be one more day. Or 45 more years. There is no telling. So don’t we all just want to look good?!

I’m not ready to dive into the Botox/laser/collagen/facelift world.Β  So my plan is to hang out in places with flattering lighting.

It’s a pretty inexpensive plan.

Honestly, I hope I have a million years more on this planet.

I want as much time as possible to enjoy my family, my children, my friends and places with minimal fluorescent lightening.

mama bird notes:

Did you miss my father’s day post? It’s the one where I get to know my brothers-in-law just a little too well.

27 Responses to the intervention and my wrinkles

  • Jenn says:

    Whahaha… I’ve just spent a SICKLY amount on creams. But my skin feels awesome! Had to ask the Hubby if I looked 25 again yet (promise in a bottle)? (I’m going for just over ten years younger, even though they say they can do 5 in two weeks… also… it’s been two days… but hey!!)
    He said maybe 26….
    Time to trade him in… or look at botox more seriously. Is there a botox in a box?

  • Rosstwinmom says:

    I’m there with you. I’m 37, but I feel that I’m aging faster than I thought I would. I mean, I got carded for liquor until I was at least 30! All of a sudden I’m wrinkled. And ON MY NEW CHEST!! (Well, new boobs on the chest) I now hear my mom’s voice telling me to moisturize every day including my neck and chest. I didn’t listen, and now I’m old.

  • Kerri says:

    Early Happy Birthday& love your thoughts on the good lighting. Just wait till you have teens & they start commenting on your wrinkles or that “Mom, you can’t wear that. It is something someone much younger would wear.” Sigh……….

  • annie says:

    I once got a REALLY bad haircut and in order to make me feel better, the so called stylist said “Well i think it makes you look younger! You don’t look a day over 30”.

    I was 27.

    I used to be glad when I could buy beer at 16….now I’ll be happy if I’m not offered the senior discount at 45 πŸ˜‰

    YOU on the other hand, look marvelous!!

  • Loukia says:

    Every time I look in the mirror, there is this little line on my lip that just will NOT GO AWAY, no matter how hard I rub at it. I keep pulling my skin back where the line is to see if that helps make it go away, and sure enough, it does. But when I let go of my skin, the line re-appears. This is old age. I’m turning 35 this September. I want to throw up.

    I think Bieber is SO CUTE. But I’d rather do it with 50 Cent. πŸ˜‰

  • amourningmom says:

    If you have a million more years on this planet you may out live Justin Bieber. xoxo

    P.S. Happy early birthday! You definitely don’t have wrinkles. I hope to be able to wish you happy birthday in person later this week. . .

  • julie says:

    Happy birthday! It’s nice to hear someone else say that they are holding off on the surgery! I have 6 children and i am sure the hormones haven’t helped my skin or brain cells for that matter. I enjoy reading your posts. xo. julie

  • Tonya says:

    Happy Birthday!! I’m not so sure I’m going to stay away from the plastic surgery options, right now though I’m in denial and totally convinced that if I eat blueberries everyday I will look 25. Can I interest you in a blueberry martini?

  • Steph says:

    ok, so now both you and my 13-year old daughter have advised dis-Bielebers to watch the movie before they judge. so i guess i’m gonna have to watch:)

  • Ann says:

    I think we should grow slightly less out of focus as we age. By the time we’re really pruney we’ll be just a shimmering suggestion of our past selves. Happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! I get the Bieber thing. My girls discovered his You Tube videos years ago before he was famous. He’s a very talented young man. It’s not his fault that he’s cute and has great hair. I love the lighting idea so much that I’m going to go to work tomorrow and unscrew 80% of the light bulbs in my lab. How often can I be hot and green at the same time?!?!

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