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We’ve been vacationing in Florida and a relative was impressed that our twins (who will be 3 in May) are potty trained.

And my husband responded, “Yeah, they pretty much potty trained themselves.”

And he was completely serious.

But in his defense,  I guess that’s accurate if your definition of “training themselves” is….

1. Transitioning them into pull ups.

2. Used M&M’s (before my red dye epiphany) to encourage them to use the potty.

3. Getting rid of the M&M’s after it turned them into screaming dictators who constantly demanded candy.

4. Introducing big high fives and the potty dance as a reward instead.

5. Transitioning them into underwear.

6. Constantly taking them to the bathroom and reminding them at all times, “YOU ARE WEARING UNDERWEAR.”

7. Having them poop in their underwear anyway.

8. Having Chase accidentally poop on a friend’s rug.

9. Having them refuse to use the potty for no rational reason.

10. Having them try to clean out the potty themselves.

11. Transitioning them to a regular toilet because we can’t bear to clean out those little potties anymore.

12. Having them fight over who gets to flush the toilet.

13. Plunging the toilet at least once a day because of excessive use of toilet paper when I wasn’t paying enough attention to them.

14. Finally realizing one day that they were somehow potty trained.

So yeah, I guess they sort of did it themselves.

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