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I went to a wedding on New Year’s Eve which is the best thing you can possibly do on New Year’s so I’m now going to make friends with anyone newly engaged.

I hadn’t bought a new dress in ages so I thought I’d buy one for the wedding. But I wasn’t finding a lot of shopping time with the “traveling to Memphis with five kids” and “creating Christmas and Hanukkah magic” and “trying to send out holiday cards” with old addresses written in illegible writing on our 14 year old wedding gift list.

The morning of the wedding I tried to go dress shopping with three of my kids. 12 year old Dylan somehow left with a dress. I did not.

Later on that day, we dropped our children at my inlaws and my father’s house. My husband and I had about 22 minutes of spare time before we had to head home to get dressed. So I said, “Let’s go to Bloomingdales!”

I shopped for 22 minutes of uninterrupted, no children interfering time and left with two dresses. One for the wedding….


and one for a fun dance night out in Miami….


(I have no plans for a fun dance night out in Miami but once you own the dress, you really are obliged to plan such an outing.)

Once we got home, we quickly got ready and that’s when I realized the dress I bought for the wedding STILL HAD THE GIANT SECURITY TAG ON.


Bloomingdales was now a half hour away and closed. And our local department stores were closed too.


Since we had about 6 minutes till we had to leave, I decided that was the perfect time to haul the tool box from the garage and get that security tag off.

I tugged. I pulled. We tried a wrench. We tried needle nose pliers. And despite the fact that these security tags are not very good at making the alarm go off when you leave a store, they are very good at staying on when you need to get to a wedding.

I can be a very determined woman but I had been outsmarted and outmaneuvered by a security tag.

Rick suggested wearing a different dress since we had to leave 3 minutes ago. I finally relented and wore the “fun night out in Miami” dress.

We had a fabulous time at the wedding…


and the next day, we drove to Bloomingdales. I spotted two sales associates in the men’s department and marched up with my dress and receipt.

They were very apologetic.

“Wow. You really tried to get this thing off.”

At least my effort was recognized.

“Do you happen to have a wedding to go to tonight also?”

Surprisingly, I did not.

I told them not to mention anything to the woman who sold me the dresses. She was so ridiculously nice and I know she would have been upset to think of me with those needle nose pliers tugging and pulling with great frustration at my new dress.

Just tell her I happened to be in the store again – and I wanted her to know – it was a great wedding.

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