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I think I’m sick of my kids’ names. Can I get a do-over? I love my children. Dylan and Presley are the cutest, most beautiful two little girls on the planet. But for today, I’ve outgrown their names. You know when you’re pregnant and you love a name and then three weeks later, you are so over it. When I was engaged, I returned my everyday china three times before finally deciding on a light blue very simple Pottery Barn-esque pattern. Three times. It’s not easy to lug a set of china via taxi back to Macy’s three times. But I wanted it to be perfect. Of course, it’s not. I mean, there’s always more china out there. But it’s not like I have time to peruse the latest dinnerware at Michael C. Fina these days.

Not so with the names. Every trip to the playground is an introduction to cooler, more fabulous names. For girls, the choices seem to be endless: Violet, Charlie, Scarlet, Parker, Tenley. Do you see what I mean? I’m salivating. I wish I could name my girls over and over again. One week, something edgy and cool like Tuesday. The next week, something more traditional like Priscilla. And the following week, something hip and now like Harper. Of course, I could have another baby but I guarantee you, no matter what I decided on, I’d never be completely satisfied. By tomorrow, I’ll love my children’s names again. But for today, I’m thinking of them as Liv and Serena.

One Response to the grass is always greener and hipper

  • Daphne says:

    My beautifully named 3 1/2-year old announced today that she didn't want to be called Acadia anymore, from now on she is Annabelle. So her sister Kira said if Acadia was available she'd happily take that name instead of hers.

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