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So I had my last fitting for my Oscar’s dress this week. Oh wait – I’m sorry. That was Sandra Bullock.

I mean, I got my last 4 cavities filled this week! Yes, that’s what happened in my life. And it turns out when you have 10 cavities, you don’t get a punch card with the 10th filling for free.  Which was obviously disappointing. If not a punch card, then at least a small party with some balloons and handful of confetti. Think about it dental industry.

When I wasn’t sitting in a dentist chair, I was trading in my mattress!

We recently purchased a new mattress and spent 60 days trying it out.

Kelcey: “It feels weird. Like a cushion roller coaster.  Half my body is going up and the other half is going down. What do you think?”

Rick: “It feels great.”

Kelcey: “But don’t you feel like you are sinking? Maybe we bought the quick sand of mattresses”

Rick: “It feels great.”

Kelcey: “I think my back is hurting. And maybe my tailbone too.”

Rick: “It feels great.”

Kelcey: “We better return it.”

Rick: “Let’s return it.”

So we did. And the new one arrived.


And it sort of feels comfortable if you like sleeping on a brick wall. Which I’m not completely opposed to.

I’m hoping we still have another 60 days to try this one out but I’m too nervous to call the store and actually find out the exchange policy on the SECOND mattress.

Finally today, I want to share a video of baby Cash with you…

Let’s just say, I don’t think it’s too late to change his name. (No, we aren’t planning on it.)

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