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3 1/2 year old Chase recently asked to visit the Garage Store.  The Garage Store is sort of like Baby Gap or The Children’s Place except it looks like this…

garage store

And it’s in my garage.

It’s basically where I keep all my kid clothes either handed down by my older girls, my awesome sister-in-law Kimberly, or my very generous friend Joanna. My twins wanted to shop at “real” stores like Dylan and Summer so hence the Garage Store was born.

After a recent shopping expedition, my son Chase came out with this peace sign shirt.

Chase in peace sign shirt

He loved it and wore it to the pool that day for his weekly swim class.

(I’m sorry to mention the word pool. Yes, the pool is outside. And I know it’s minus 14 degrees with wind chill wherever you are and I promise you I feel bad about the cold and the snow and the slush but I’m just not sure what I can do about it so just know I feel bad.)

But when Chase came home from the pool, he notified me that the peace sign shirt was missing. That’s right. GONE.

“What? That’s brand new from the Garage Store! You got it today!”

Instead Chase was wearing this…

Chase is other shirt

I asked Rick what had happened and he didn’t really know. “I took his shirt off at the pool and then put it back on after the lesson. But he’s upset that his peace sign shirt is gone. I don’t know what he’s talking about.”

(I’m sorry to mention the pool again.)

Because I read a lot of Cam Jansen and Nancy Drew mysteries to the girls, I know a lot about being a detective.  Did Rick accidentally pick up a different shirt and leave the peace sign one there? Not outside the realm of possibility – he was there with the twins and our 9 month old baby which is certainly a bit chaotic.

I knew I had never seen this new shirt before.

Or maybe I had.

And that’s when we realized the shirt was just on inside out.

Inside out!

We’re geniuses!

Aren’t we?!

mama bird notes:

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