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College reunion weekend in New Orleans! Yahoo!! See ya later suckers. Flight booked. Cocktail to celebrate!

Huh. Maybe I should figure out childcare.

400 texts and calls later – childcare booked!

I’m leaving in a few days. I need to stop yelling at my kids so they think of me as a loving and wonderful mom.

I’m leaving in 24 hours! I really need to stop yelling at my kids so they think of me as a wonderful and loving mom.

Oh screw it, they know I have a good track record.

After typing out mountains of instructions with pick ups and drop offs and allergies and back up plans… why on earth did I decide to go away?!! Not worth it.

13 year old says something so sweet and heartwarming to me before I leave… “Mom, I know you’re going away to have fun with your friends and be young again but don’t forget that you have kids and buy us gifts.” Noted.

Morning of flight: I feel guilty! How can I leave my precious children? One suddenly has a sore throat. Another has a headache. Another is crying. Not sure why. I should investigate. Their cheeks are so soft and adorable. These are the times to remember. Life is going by too fast. How can I leave them? They will be just a little older when I return.

Omg. It’s only 2 days woman. Pull yourself together.

At airport. Texting schedule changes to all involved parties. I want to go away but I don’t want to go. I can’t go. I’m so exited to go. I guess I’m going.


Totally worth it.
French Truck Coffee. Chartres Street, New Orleans. 


When can I go away again?

3 Responses to the evolution of going away for the weekend without your children

  • Daphne Biener says:

    I am so sad that I am not with you! PS – you come back a better mama than if you never left, plus they’ll appreciate you a heck of a lot more with 48 hours to realize all you do…Enjoy for me too!

  • Lanie says:

    Will definitely make time to buy presents. So glad the schedules all worked – everyone got on their planes and got to New Orleans. Now i just have to meet up with you!! 😘❤️

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