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It’s a school day. Your kid wakes up and doesn’t feel well. But how can this be? You have things to do. You have appointments. They have school work. And important testing or maybe not important testing but they are testing something. You’re sure of it because you attended 6 minutes of the PTA meeting. So they must go to school. So you turn to your child and say….

Oh I’m sure you’re fine. You’re just sleepy. Shake it off.

Okay, what hurts exactly? Let’s sprinkle some magical fairy health dust on it.

What? You no longer believe in magical fairy health dust? I know for a fact they make it over there at the Department of Health and Human Services and that the Surgeon General himself whipped up this particular batch.

You do seem a little droopy.  Let me take your temperature. Where is the thermometer?

Found it under the US Weekly from June 2014!

Okay it says your temperature is 67 degrees. That doesn’t seem right. Is this in Celsius? How old is this thermometer anyway?

sick kid

I don’t need a stupid thermometer. I gave birth to you so I can tell your temperature by feeling your head. Feels like 98.6!

Look your clothes for school are right here. Let’s see how you feel once you put them on. The feel of cotton can do wonders.

Let’s get some breakfast into you. Nothing perks you up like a bowl of cereal with no milk. Why won’t you put milk in your cereal? It’s so much better that way. Okay, eat your dry cereal.

Honey, pick your head up off the table.

You’re going to miss your playdate if you stay home!

Being healthy is just about having the right attitude.

This is the first day of the rest of your life!

Wow, that’s a lot of snot.

Here’s a packet of tissues.

Hustle hustle hustle! You don’t want to miss the bus.

Why are you lying on the couch?

Let me get these shoes on for you.

Wait, are you snoring?

I’m starting to think you’re actually sick.

Are you trying to tell me something?

Fine, I guess you’re staying home.

3 Responses to the evolution of accepting your kid is staying home from school

  • Megan says:

    I really needed that laugh this morning after all the bickering my girls were doing! Thanks for sharing the humor in motherhood!

  • Shelley says:

    My mom was a nurse and I am one of 6 kids. Let me tell you, we were half dead before she even thought of us being home.
    My son used to go to the nurse, who knew I was a stay at home mom, so she called me every single time. After about the 3rd afternoon of him staying home and making a miraculous recovery, I brought his kindergarten self back to school. The nurse finally caught on to what I already knew and I did not get another call that year.
    It does throw a wrench in the daily plans though doesn’t it?

  • Judy P says:

    When I was a kid (a zillion years ago) I dragged myself to school sick or not because I HATED to stay at home–horrible people there and horrible air (smokers and I’m asthmatic). The teacher would ask if I needed to go to the nurse and I’d say “Oh no!” quite dramatically. Back in those days no one wondered why a kid so ill refused to go home. Once I became a teen though and all those people and smoke had a reason to be out of the house all day I loved days off! Took them whenever I wanted and wrote excuse notes for myself the next day.

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