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Last summer we ran into one of Summer’s teachers at the pool club. Mrs. Luman.

First of all, you never quite get used to seeing one of your child’s teachers in a bathing suit. But that day, the focus was not on her swimwear.  But rather, her hair.  Mrs. Luman was sporting a short bob that hung right below her ears.

From that moment forward, whenever the topic of hair came up, Summer had only one thing to say…

“I want hair like Mrs. Luman.”

As much as I adore Mrs. Luman (a lovely middle aged woman with a gorgeous accent), I did not want my preschool daughter to look like a lovely middle aged woman with a gorgeous accent.

But Summer was relentless.

She begged. She pleaded. She whined.

And that’s how, almost an entire year later, we ended up at the hair salon. And by that time, after hearing Summer’s pleas, my 6 year-old daughter Dylan also wanted to look like Mrs. Luman.

There was no way I would allow them chin length bobs but I had agreed to something a bit Luman-esque.

This is Dylan before her haircut…

And after….

Not so short.  And lovely.

Then it was Summer’s turn. Here she is before…

And after…

So sweet.

And then Dylan looked at Summer’s hair, frowned and said, “Is my hair as short as Summer’s? I want my hair to be as short as hers.”

And because I only have four kids and must be really new at this parenting thing, I said,”Yours is only about an inch longer.”

Dylan was not pleased. At all.  Like Newt Gingrich after “Meet the Press,” I tried to backtrack. I explained that I was wrong. I told her, it must have been the lighting or maybe my low blood sugar or post rapture fatigue that made her hair look just the tiniest bit longer. But now I could clearly see it was the SAME LENGTH.

But it was too late.

Back into the chair she went. I held my breath and watched the strawberry blonde locks fall.

And by the time the scissors stopped flying, there was a sh*tload of hair on the floor.

I feel a little drained and traumatized by the whole experience. Mostly because it gave me flashbacks to 6th grade when I cut off very long, beautiful hair and ended up with an EXTREMELY short do that made me look half Chachi/half Chia Pet.

But this isn’t about me. Or Scott Baio.

It’s about my girls who look adorable.

And more importantly they are completely, ecstatically happy.

Mrs. Luman and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

mama bird notes:

I’m at The Mouthy Housewives today giving advice on dating a much younger man.  So go on over and check it out.


44 Responses to the day my girls decided to get their hair cut. Like really short.

  • Elizabeth says:

    They look gorgeous, Kelcey. What healthy, shiny hair. The new cuts really show it off. My 10-yo cut off 11 inches to donate, and the resulting “bob” is up to the bottom of her ears. I held my breath when I saw the results, expecting tears and dread. She is actually so proud of it and is loving the attention a new haircut brings. I bet your girls will be the same. Happy (quicker) shampooing!

  • Kerri says:

    They look sooo adorable. This is just the beginning! My red-head cut hers off twice to donate to wigs for children with Cancer. Her next youngest sister did it once & then had a crew cut! She pulled it off! Next one down has had her hair cut twice as well, but not as short. One twin likes her hair shoulder length, the other likes it very long. It helps people tell them apart. My son had gorgeous long hair in big ringlets (model agency wanted him to keep it long). We did finally get it cut. (The modeling wasn’t much fun anymore…that is me talking!) So he got his hair cut but longish boys cut. His older brother had his sister buzz his the other night so the youngest insisted too. Only he kept it a bit longer in the middle. He looks like a stuffy that got left in the dryer too long. He might get bored with it soon! Older sister found it all very amusing. Yup I did “that” to my little brother!

    Your girls might start asking about streaks, then about short-term fun colours, then about actual colour…wait…it isn’t just the girls anymore either!

  • Emily says:

    They look great. But wait, where can we go get our haircuts in that pink car? Do we have to go into the city for that, or are their pink car barber shops out here in the burbs?


  • Mel says:

    The hair is absolutely adorable! I see why you might be paine: it really makes them look like big girls. But beautiful ones!

  • Lisa says:

    They look so cute!!! I am having this battle myself right now b/c my 6 year old wants her hair cut to a chin length bob like some of her friends. Trouble is their hair is straight and my daughter’s is kind of curly. In the end, though, I think it is more about my issues with not wanting to cut off her beautiful blond hair. She, too, has been asking for over a year, so I think very soon I might give in!

  • steph says:

    I love everything about summer except that my 8 1/2 year old son uses it as an excuse to buzz cut his gorgeous, thick and can you believe it naturally blond hair! At least it keeps the lice away. Looking forward to seeing you, and meeting Mrs. Luman at the pool

  • Meg D says:

    They look great!

    Funny, my hair experience as a kid was the opposite: I wanted hair long enough for a bun in ballet class. My mom only liked short hair on kids so my hair style was basically her home version of a Dorothy Hamill. It scarred me for life, man. As soon as I was allowed (8th grade!!) I grew my hair to my shoulders. I’ve had it short since but I never forgot not being allowed to choose my hair length.

  • Becky says:

    Love the hair cuts mom! The girls are going to rock those summer do’s!

    My son is in his mohawk phase, which doesn’t ever seem to end. Be thankful your girls don’t want that. Yet.

  • Nellie says:

    I am a lover of both short and long hair…on adults and must say, the new cuts on your girls is SPECTACULAR!

  • annie says:

    they look gorgeous! my oldest cut 12″ off for Pantene Beautiful Lengths and while i was proud, it was A LOT of hair. Glad to say it’s almost grown back. she missed it and so did I.

    Your girls are darling no matter what their hair length….a bad picture must be genetically impossible for your family! But, about that t-shirt……

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Both the girls look more like Rick every day…especially Summer. Where do you get their hair colored? Very natural looking…they are both beautiful…do they appreciate being ‘media’ stars?

  • I loved hearing about your daughters getting their hair cut ~ they look adorable in both the before and after photos.

    Which was not how I looked years ago when a neighbor asked my mom if she could cut my long hair . . . I was game and it wasn’t until I saw the look on my mother’s face that I realized it wasn’t a good thing. I now had a pixie!!

    Thank you for that trip down memory lane. Just love your blog!

  • amourningmom says:

    Love their hair cuts!! Alyssa always says she wants her hair cut long. . .so I am not sure we are ready for the Luman look.

    How much younger? I am going to go check out Mouthy Housewives. Take care. xoxo

  • Valerie says:

    They look fantastic! I love their new do. 🙂 My daughter just recently begged me to cut off her hair and I nearly cried. I didn’t let them cut it nearly as short as she would have liked. And, your recent posts have had me in tears. Days are long but years are short. Our babies have grown up way too fast. Hey, did you ever find a nanny?

  • Jen says:

    Love the pictures! But, you forgot to put pics of the twins in too 🙂 I guess it’ll be awhile before they get haircuts!

    Parker cut her own hair. She said she did it b/c a. she “wants to be a haircutter when she grows up” and b. “wanted to have boy hair like Luke”. People ask me if they are twins. I can’t wait until her hair grows long…and i swear, if she cuts it again…

  • Hair grows fast! They’ll have long locks again in no time. My daughter has a bob and I think she looks adorable (disclaimer: she has fine blond hair and the bob makes it look “fuller”) And letting them have the shorter styles they request now, may save them from some unattractive haircuts during their rebellious teen years.

    They are gorgeous!

  • mackbeth says:

    It looks fantastic! Just promise you won’t let them cut their bangs…or cut one another’s bangs!
    If times get tough, they can cut their dolls hair, or just gather up your scissor collection and lock it away.

  • Nancy Walton says:

    Your story reminded me of my best friend Julie at 8 years whose mother insisted she have braids every day. One morning before school after reaching her youthful breaking point, she firmly told her mother, “YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF MY HAIR!”. That message was heard loud and clear and from that day forward, Julie made her own decisions about how she was going to wear her hair, including getting it cut too short to braid later that week! Now at 50-something whenever she feels someone (her husband mostly) is infringing on her civil liberties no matter what the issue, she stands her ground and again makes her 8-year old proclamation, “You’re not the boss of MY hair!” Fortunately you recognized the importance of your girls’ hairdos before it got to that point. They both look adorable!

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